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True Life: Pregnant in Heels

…. and  No, I don’t mean the TV show. Although I’ll admit my recent addiction to Rosie Pope and the fabulous life of the pregnant women in her entourage, my true life: Pregnant in Heels is nothing compared to hiring a focus group to give my child the perfect name or asking British Royalty to be the Godfather of my baby. My life as Pregnant in Heels happend last weekend being a part of the bridal party in a wedding (LC was too!)……

My cousin Rachel got married last weekend and both LC and I were in the wedding party! Yes,… my crazy, rambunctious, energetic 2 year old and my 8 month pregnant belly got all dressed up for a wedding!… And we had a blast! Rachel looked beautiful, the wedding was a very intimate, beautiful ceremony and reception, and we had a great time getting all dressed up and spending some good time with family!

For the first time I think since I got married back in 2008, I had my hair done in a beautiful up do, caked the makeup on, and got all dressed up in heels with the perfect accessory… or two…. my little handsome ring bearer and my belly bump!

I love seeing belly bump pictures and I always used to be amazed at how insanely pregnant women had the energy and capability to get all ready for an event like this, but I proved myself so wrong and I did it myself! I haven’t worn heels in I don’t know how long. Chasing around LC, I’m all about what’s comfortable, although I still like to look cute, but I threw that all out the window… even if it only lasted for the ceremony! ;)

As exhausting and worn out last weekend was, looking back at these photos, I’m so happy I was able to be a part of it and both LC (and this baby girl) were too! The photographer’s name is Paula Burke Roberts and the wedding was at an Episcopal Church in Asheville, NC. I’m so thrilled to have some beautiful photos of me and LC (because of course, this mama forgot her camera!) And the rest of the pictures she took were beautiful too!

I want to leave you with a few photos so I can real life proof, I lived the saying “Pregnant in Heels” and I loved every second of it (8 months pregnant and all!)

You can check out Paula Burke Robert’s Blog here.

Congratulations Rachel & Chris!