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A Mother’s Love

All women become like their mothers. That is their tragedy. No man does. That’s his. ~Oscar Wilde, The Importance of Being Earnest, 1895
People always ask me what my favorite part of being a mom is. I struggle to give them the answer, because there’s a list of reason’s why I love being a mom. Ever since I was a little girl, I knew I wanted to be a mom. I used to play house with my friends, and I used to dream of my baby’s name’s and what they would look like. Then when it became a reality, those dreams became closer to my heart.
I remember rubbing my belly and talking to the growing person inside of me. I had dreams of his ten little fingers and ten cute little toes. I sang to him and I talked to him and I told him mommy would always be here for him. Then when he was born, all of those dreams became a reality. My list of what my favorite part of being a mom was started, and it will never stop. So here they are. My favorite parts about being a mom.
1.) The open mouth kisses & uncontrollable giggles
2.) The little hands rubbing my arm and the cute little cheeks that never seem to go away
3.) The sleepeless nights (yes, I said sleepeless nights) when you snuggle up so close like when you were just hours old
4.) The way you say “gaga” and run up to me with open arms
5.) The feeling my heart has whenever I think about you
 6.) The feeling of love I hold close to my heart and the realization that my mother once had this same love for me
7.) Reading you stories and watching your eyes glow
8.) The innocence you portray and the dreams that glimmer in your eyes
9.) The feeling of closeness you bring to our family and the hope you have brought into my life
10.) The endless amounts of possibilities you have given me to be a better, stronger, and more loving person than I ever thought I could be
This is just the start of my list. The start of what being a mother has done to my heart. Now, I’d like to ask you the same question… What is your favorite part about waking up the toughest, yet most rewarding job we will ever have? Being a mother is filled with endless possibilities.

Do you ever wonder?

“Do you ever wonder if we make the moment’s in our lives, or if the moment’s in our lives make us?” – One Tree Hill
What makes up who we are? Are we who we will be become the day we were born? Do our friends make up what will we become in life? Or do our life experiences, the moment’s that capture our life changes and events say more about us than anything else?
We don’t have say in what happens, life just happens and takes turns and crosses over bridges that we never saw coming. We could be one person in one moment, and the next thing that happens changes us completely. That seems to be my life. My body and my soul are completely different beings than they were a year ago. It seems like every year of my life recently has had some major moment that has completely turned who I am inside out. I would say, these moment’s in my life have made me because, I know I didn’t make up these moment’s in my head and wish for them to happen everyday.
The moment that started Forever
… So here begins the rest of my life
The day I found out I was pregnant, my feelings of joy and excitement took over anything else. It wasn’t until all these months later, where I look at the pictures of my son’s cute little cheeks and kicking feet that I realize, this is the beginning of the rest of my life. On my wedding day, it was just a happy day of something I was familiar with and was this exciting part of my life but, today when I feel Landyn’s feet kicking me and his prescence being known, I think “Oh my gosh, this is the start of something amazing…” The start of a new life. A new journey. New hopes, dreams, and aspirations. This is something I am investing my whole life in, and it’s barely even the beginning.
I can’t even describe what feelings I have going through my head when I think about how Kyle and I made this little person who is growing inside of me right now. We have created something so extraordinary, how can it be put into words? My body is changing, my life is changing, I feel like a totally different person. The things that were important to me a year ago no longer mean anything compared to this little life we are about to bring into the world.
Do you ever wonder what life would be like if our dreams came true? I know. I know life is something we dream in our heads but, my dream is alive and kicking inside my belly right now and there is no other way to describe this feeling other than these moment’s are shaping the person that I am, and the person that I will become everyday.

With Love,