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Celebrity Mom Spotlight : Ashlee Simpson-Wentz!

In honor of my Meet & Greet with Jessica Simpson today, I decided to start off my Celebrity Mom Spotlight on her lovely sister, Ashlee! Before I jump in on some about Ashlee, I just want to fill you all in on what an AMAZING DAY I have today!

Anyone who knows me, knows Jessica Simpson is literally, my IDOL! I’m not even joking! Ever since she became famous, I have been ALL ABOUT Jessica Simpson! My friends even have told me for years I am her twin, just like her, and they even jokingly used to call Kyle and I “Nick & Jessica” back in their married days, because we are just so much like them, it’s ridiculous!

Well, Jessica was in Charlotte today at Belk doing a meet & greet with her fans!! Nicholas Sparks on Thursday and Jessica Simpson on Saturday!!… LUCKY ME!! If two of my favorite most inspiring people being in Charlotte and me getting to meet them isn’t God telling me I’m meant to be here, I don’t know what it is! So LC has had the privilege of meeting Dr Bailey from Grey’s Anatomy, Nicholas Sparks, and now Jessica Simpson! I even got to say hi to her mom Tina! I felt like I knew them! LC decided it was a better idea to deny Jessica’s request for a high five and blow her a kiss and kiss her hand instead!.. That’s my little man!!!!!

Now on to Ashlee!…. I remember when her first album came out, I used to sing it over and over on my home from work at TJ Maxx and when she dated Ryan Cabrera and had a reality show. Now, she is a MOM! I love celebrity mom’s, because it makes me feel more connected to them, because I can relate to their changed lifestyles of changing diapers and late night feedings. I love how much being a mom changes a person, and watching Ashlee change as a person since she gave birth to Bronx has been awesome! Children really do change us for the better and I love being able to look back at the person I was once, and be fully proud of the person LC has made me become.

Ashlee is married to Pete Wentz from Fall Out Boy, but duuhh.. you already knew that! And Bronx Mowgli (named after the character in “Jungle Book”, which I can so appreciate being inspired by a book for your child’s name!) is just ADORABLE! So here, she is. .Ashlee Simpson, Pete Wentx, & Bronx Mowgli in a precious family photo for my very first Celebrity Spotlight in honor of my dream come true meet & greet with her sister Jessica today!

I have some inspiring Celeb mom’s to highlight next, so stay tuned for some truly inspiring women and stories we all as mother’s can relate and feel for!

With Love,