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Shopping at Jack Be Natural (& life potty training a toddler….)

Well… potty training has begun! (sort of.) We started putting LC in training pants & sitting him on the potty regularly, and I will just say potty training is the most frustrating process I have encountered in motherhood thus far. However, thanks to Jack Be Natural and their completely adorable selection of training pants by Imse Vimse, it has made the experience a little bit better! At least LC looks cute, right?

A little about potty training:

1. Bribing your child with m&m’s is totally okay (and a big thank you to my friend Ashley for pointing that tactic out to me! haha)

2. Just, because your toddler sits on the potty for 20 minutes, doesn’t mean they will learn THAT is where they go… and if you leave them long after that 20 minutes without anything on, he WILL pee on the floor!

and 3. Thank goodness for Facebook! (Make sure you have a laptop before you start potty training, because it will come in handy for the amount of time you spend on the bathroom floor!)

I seriously have never sat in a bathroom longer in my life. It’s important to give him time on the potty, because I learned, my timing is WAY off! (Who would have thought a toddler’s pee schedule would be different from his pregnant mom’s!?) So far, the journey to teaching LC how to use the potty has been an experience I will always thought would be much easier. I know he’s sort of young to start (which is probably why he’ not entirely into it yet,) but I am 100%¬†actually, make that 200% determined to have this child completely potty trained before baby #2 arrives (even if that means we will be up double during the night on potty/diaper/feeding duty!)

While we are on the topic of baby bottom’s (kind of, right?) I HAVE to tell you about this amazing “bum bum balm” my friend Stacy at Jack Be Natural had me try. Learning from my experience with the training pants, Imse Vimse is a brand I’ve come to love, so I was so excited to try their new bum bum balm on LC! Even in cloth diapers, we have some diaper rash issues here and there (although, it has been DRASTICALLY better since we made the switch to cloth diapers!!) I’ve tried all kinds of different kinds of cream’s (even prescriptions from the pediatrician,) BUT Imse Vime’s Bum Bum Balm is great! You have to try it! It’s a light feeling (not too thick like some of them) balm and we really love it! I kind of consider myself an expert on the baby bum with everything we’ve had to try, and this is definitely one of the my favorites, especially considering it’s 100% ALL NATURAL and safe with cloth diapers! Can’t go wrong!

I also want to point out, if you order from Jack Be Natural, check out their new cash rewards program! Mom’s love deals right!?

AND another bonus!? Jack Be Natural alos GIVES BACK TO CHARITY! One of my most recent orders was wrapped in Sinamay Natural Organza Mesh Ribbons which are made from 100% fibers. So at Jack Be Natural, you not only get eco-friendly products, but packaging too!!! 

The ribbon is made by artisans in remote villages around the world – creating jobs and fair wages for hard working communities. In addition to this charitable effort, Jack Be Natural also donates money to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital quarterly!

I can happily say I am proud to be a customer of Jack Be Natural, because they sell safe products that my family and I love and they give back too!

As we embark on this new potty training journey and we gear up for the arrival of another precious newborn, I am so thankful to have Jack Be Natural to turn to for products we love and trust!

With Love,