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Superheroes Commence! {DIY Birthday Invitations}

When Landyn asked for a Superhero party for this 4th birthday, I was so excited! I instantly turned to Pinterest for inspiration. I wondered how in the world I planned parties (or a wedding! AHH!) before Pinterest came around. Then….

I had to laugh, because the invitations I ended up making didn’t even come from Pinterest at all! I got some inspiration from bits and pieces, but then decided on my own idea.

I’m a very “do-it-yourself” type of girl. Last year, I turned to Anders Ruff printables for LC’s LEGO party since I just had surgery, but this year I knew I wanted to come up with some of my own designs. I wanted to include superhero masks on the invites, so I used one of his superhero masks from his costume as a template and traced it onto foam paper then cut out. I hole punched the ends and tied with elastic and Voila!

I did an assortment of colors and overall, each masks cost under $1 each! Way cheaper than ordering on Etsy or another site!

Then I just created a basic invite in photoshop with the party info. I used the Fantastic Four logo since it’s his 4th birthday and found various clip art like the POW for the date to dress it up. I cut each invite out and glued them onto scrap booking paper then added the mask with it to create a unique personalized superhero invite!

Making the masks was tedious, but it was SO EASY. All you need is a superhero mask if you already have one to use as a template. You can decorate them up more, but I wanted just basic ones with each child’s name for the invite. If you don’t have a mask to trace yourself, you can get a template here  at Cutesy Crafts.

Guess How Much We Love Lavery :: 1st Birthday

Yesterday, Lavery turned 1! We celebrated with friends and we had a great day (despite the party being held outdoors in 100+ degree heat!) We decided to share the party with some friends, because two of Lavery’s buddies share the same birthday and another a week later. To accommodate both a girl and a boy party, we went with a picnic theme and then chose a different book to represent each baby (although the two boys shared the same book.)

Overall, it turned out great even with the insane heat wave hitting our area right now! Who would have expected the weather to be over 100 degrees right now in NC!?

In the end, all of the babies had a great time and all of our guests did too, and that’s really all that counts!

I am so in love with her invitations! I came across The Opened Envelope and found they had a “Guess How Much I Love You” baby shower themed invitation, so I e-mailed to see if they come up with a birthday invite. Right away they responded with an option, and I told them what I wanted to switch up and they came up with this. It’s perfect!


We all took to Pinterest for inspiration on our themes and to pull them together with a picnic!

My original inspiration for “Guess How Much I Love You” came from this blog, Pizzazzerie. The theme of her son’s party was “Guess How Much I love Two” for a second birthday. We went with “Guess How Much We Love Lavery.”

Landyn’s favorite book was “Guess How Much I Love You” and we read it all the time with both kids. I was so excited to give this a theme a girly twist!

The way the party worked with four babies was actually kind of cute and creative if I do say so myself! We had an overall picnic theme with the overall decor and we had food for all of the guests, then each baby’s book had a theme table with theme snacks and decor.

“Guess How Much We Love Lavery”

For her table, I put the hubby to work to build the backdrop to look like a fence. To go with the “girly twist” I laid down a pink tablecloth and set some fake green grass on top. I was able to borrow some photo prop tree stumps and I used the bigger one to set a pitcher with sweet tea on and a smaller one at the cake table.

I put together a sweet nine month shot of Lavery and added “Guess How Much We Love Lavery” onto the theme and put together a birthday banner to hang on the backdrop with a photo from every month of her first year.

For food, I stuck with the “nature” theme and put together a spinach dip and veggie spread and then I filled a flower pot with organic cheddar bunnies for the kids.

For favors, I planted some carrots in mini flower pots and stuck a flower label in the dirt that read “Thank you for watching me grow. Love, Lavery” with a bible verse.

Her smash cake was made by our favorite bakery who has always done our special occasion cakes ever since our wedding, Nona’s Sweets in Charlotte, NC. They put the image from her invitation right on and I love how it turned out! Simple and sweet.

Each baby had their own theme smash cake and the overall cake made by local mama was picnic themed with an element from each book. I love how it all turned out, it couldn’t have been more perfect!

In the background, you can get a little peek at the adorable smash cake photo of lal the babies taken a few weeks before by FireWife Photography!

Lavery’s Outfit

I have absolutely loved having a girl to play dress up with! I searched Etsy for weeks to find the perfect outfit. Because, our theme isn’t an easy theme for birthday’s, I came across this awesome shop Rebekah Crisco on Etsy. I e-mailed her to see what she could come up with and she hand-painted the most perfect onesie personalized with her name.

Her hairclip was made by Perfectly Perrywinkle. I love everything she does and I showed her a picture of Lavery’s shirt and she made the perfect headband to match!

I finished it off with a hot pink tutu and some barefoot sandals to match! Here is my big 1st birthday girl all decked out in her adorable 1st birthday ensemble!

Her custom birthday hat (shown below) was designed by Dickens Designs.

Overall, everyone had a great time and we are so blessed to have some really special friends to celebrate with! Lavery had a great time and we are so excited to see how much she grows this next year!

We love you baby girl!!!

{DIY} Merry Mail!

So with the Holiday season in full swing, we all know our mailboxes will start filling up with those oh so loveable Christmas cards! If you know me, I am way oo too serious about Christmas cards and I get way too into choosing the perfect design with the most fabulous photos. You have to send along something special to look at, right?

Well, when we built our house, we opted out of a fireplace, because we preferred to have more space in the living area. Problem. No fireplace means no mantle to showcase Christmas cards on. So as I was browsing wasting time on Pinterest, I came across the most adorable Merry Mail sign to make to showcase those Christmas cards on. I decided I would give it a try and put a little spin to make it my own.

I started with a piece of wooden board, some plane clothes pins, and paint. All of this only cost about $15 total for everything I need to create this piece.Next, I painted the board a Christmas red. Even though these colors don’t necessarily match the color pallet in my house, I wanted it to be “Christmasy.” I figured it could be put up with all the Christmas decorations once completed to use again next year and doesn’t have to fit my house all year round.

Then I painted on the wording, “Merry Mail” in green and added some white accents. The original I found on Pinterest had polka dots all around the edges. Well, if you know me, you know I get way too excited and jump the gun on things too often and I didn’t really measure out the text to put polka dots around the whole thing, so I decided to make the edges white to break up the bright red a little and add in a “snowy” look with some designs. I wanted something fun and this fit the bill.
Lastly, I added some ribbon I found at Garden Ridge that fit perfectly! I cut both different designs into strips and I just taped them on the back. I planned to use a staple gun, but I couldn’t find staples and at this point I wasn’t stopping! I had Kyle hang it on the wall and… Voila! All finished! It was so easy. I painted the clothes pins green and red and added the one Christmas we’ve already gotten and one of our own!

Here you have it… Merry Mail!

Nursery sneak peek!

Decorating a baby girl’s nursery has been such a blast! When I was decorating for LC, we went with a sports theme and used all dark colors. Maroon, navy blue, sage green… very masculine colors and it put together well in his bedroom. This time though having a girl, I knew I wanted to do things differently. We opted for white furniture instead of dark wood and I love it! Also this time around, instead of a “theme” like LC’s sports theme, we are just going with all things pink! The bedding set I picked out (which ended up going in a totally different direction than I originally wanted) is a pink toile pattern and I absolutely love it!

It’s taken a while to get the nursery to a point where I’m willing to share, but now that the bedding us up and the furniture is all in there, I took a few pictures I can share with you! We totally bargain shopped this time around too. I bought a used crib in excellent beautiful condition for $50 and I got a changing table used for $20 that was a wood color that we spray painted! I never thought I would use spray paint so much in my life, but I’ve been really re-doing a lot of things that way!

We also used the dark wood end table from LC’s nursery and spray painted it to match the white furniture. Instead of a rocker, we put a futon in there to serve as a spare bedroom type area for when family comes to visit as well! I will be sure to give more details on every little piece once I’m ready to share it all, but I wanted to give you a little sneak peek at our baby girl’s “pink paradise!”

The pom pom’s you see hanging over her crib, my friends Leah and Ashley made as decoration at my baby shower! I love them! You can check out some more info about those and my baby shower theme and decoration over at The Charlotte Moms!

So far, everything is coming together nicely! I am just in search of a little bit of artwork to add and then pretty soon I should be ready to showcase the whole thing! I’m anxiously awaiting the arrival of our baby girl and am living in a world of pink and am loving every second of it! The picture’s are a little off, because I’m still learning the different settings and how my new camera works, but here is a small little peek to hold you over until I’m ready to show off the whole thing!

This is going to be a perfect “chateau” for Lavery to sleep, dream, and imagine!

And my craftiness continues…

So ever since I bought my sewing machine, I’ve been obsessed with finding new craft projects to do to spruce up the house! I am a big picture fan, so we have pictures EVERYWHERE! I still want pictures in my house, but I love art and colors and bringing in new prints!

I decided to buy some fabric, because after my first visit to Hobby Lobby, I loooved so many of the awesome prints they had and make some wall art! I had Kyle cut and put together some wood frames and I stretched the fabric over them to add some color to the walls. I took down the large engagement photo we had in the dining area, and added these 4 pieces of wall art that tie in with the colors throughout the house, and I love it! The engagement photo will now go up in the tall stairwell instead – perfect!

I took some teals and greens and used that, because it goes with the book hanging (see previous post) colors I made last week and tie in with the whole color scheme of my entire house! I love green and blue hues, and I fell in love with these prints – and it was so easy! (and cheap!) Altogether the fabric and wood probably cost about $6! I’ve even got enough fabric leftover to make another set of these 4 squared if I want to! (or find something else fun to make!!!)

What fun crafts do you like to do?