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Nursery sneak peek!

Decorating a baby girl’s nursery has been such a blast! When I was decorating for LC, we went with a sports theme and used all dark colors. Maroon, navy blue, sage green… very masculine colors and it put together well in his bedroom. This time though having a girl, I knew I wanted to do things differently. We opted for white furniture instead of dark wood and I love it! Also this time around, instead of a “theme” like LC’s sports theme, we are just going with all things pink! The bedding set I picked out (which ended up going in a totally different direction than I originally wanted) is a pink toile pattern and I absolutely love it!

It’s taken a while to get the nursery to a point where I’m willing to share, but now that the bedding us up and the furniture is all in there, I took a few pictures I can share with you! We totally bargain shopped this time around too. I bought a used crib in excellent beautiful condition for $50 and I got a changing table used for $20 that was a wood color that we spray painted! I never thought I would use spray paint so much in my life, but I’ve been really re-doing a lot of things that way!

We also used the dark wood end table from LC’s nursery and spray painted it to match the white furniture. Instead of a rocker, we put a futon in there to serve as a spare bedroom type area for when family comes to visit as well! I will be sure to give more details on every little piece once I’m ready to share it all, but I wanted to give you a little sneak peek at our baby girl’s “pink paradise!”

The pom pom’s you see hanging over her crib, my friends Leah and Ashley made as decoration at my baby shower! I love them! You can check out some more info about those and my baby shower theme and decoration over at The Charlotte Moms!

So far, everything is coming together nicely! I am just in search of a little bit of artwork to add and then pretty soon I should be ready to showcase the whole thing! I’m anxiously awaiting the arrival of our baby girl and am living in a world of pink and am loving every second of it! The picture’s are a little off, because I’m still learning the different settings and how my new camera works, but here is a small little peek to hold you over until I’m ready to show off the whole thing!

This is going to be a perfect “chateau” for Lavery to sleep, dream, and imagine!

13 Week Peak!

Well.. I’m just shy of 13 weeks and feeling pretty amazing! I’ve been a little sick here and there (mostly first thing in the morning, so happy to report that this time, the term “morning sickness” is actually somewhat accurate!) With LC.. it was more like ALL.DAY.SICKNESS! This time, not so much!

We made it through the Holiday’s.. and I didn’t even gain any weight! I told Kyle I was going to try to avoid the scale, but much to my dismay.. the nurse wasn’t going for that, and I was pleasantly surprised!

Today I went in (sans LC, thanks to my amazing friend Leah!) for my First Trimester Screening. I’m actually really surprised at how at ease I am this time around at this point. In the very beginning of this pregnancy, I found myself so paranoid and every day making sure I was “still pregnant.” Now, I’m completely at ease and honestly, not even really thinking about it! With LC, my whole mind was consumed with baby. I slept baby, ate baby, breathed baby. This time around, (likely, because I have a toddler running around me in circles pointing to his nose, eye, and non existent hat on his head) I haven’t thought too much about being pregnant. Today was so much fun to see our little baby pea on the screen.

I was also pleasantly surprised when I asked the ultrasound tech to take a peak at the gender and tell me what she saw. I knew it was a little early than the normal “big” ultrasound, but I figured, why not look? With LC, at 15 weeks, they wouldn’t even look to tell me, but this ultrasound tech was great and the baby was extremely cooperate spead eagle eager to show his/her mama what to expect! I was shocked at how clear we could see!

Although I don’t plan to start buying anything quite yet (I will have another ultrasound at 18 weeks, where they normally address the big gender question), but thanks to my Intelligender Results and now seeing on the screen and confirming today… I think it’s pretty safe to say, baby #2 is a……..

With a beating heartrate at 159!

Our 18 week ultrasound cannot come soon enough to get another peak at our beautiful baby daughter!.. And of course, if something was hiding (and if it was, this baby went to extreme lengths to hide its “boy parts” if they exist) we will be just as ecstatic!

I was hoping to post a 2010 Recap, but I was too excited and had to post my little 13 week gender peak instead! Make sure you “like” me on Facebook for more frequent updates and stay tuned for a really exciting giveaway as I kick off 2011 soon!

Think PINK!

Intelligender: Review & Giveaway! *CLOSED*

Happy 10 weeks to me!!!!! When I woke up this morning, I took the MUCH anticipated Intelligender Gender Prediction Test! I had dreams all night long of my results and I woke up so anxious and luckily… ready to pee! We all know with pregnancy comes frequent bladder movements, and luckily, every morning, that’s the first thing I need to do!

I quickly unpackaged the box… which came with a cup, the test cup, and a syringe and started the test. They gave you a syringe to be sure to put the correct amount of urine into the test cup, so I measured it and put it in, then you have to swirl it around for 10 seconds and wait… for 5 minutes…. which this morning, seemed like forever!

Here is what I saw….

The urine will turn a deep green if it’s a boy result, and yellow/orangy if it’s a girl. I remember seeing results on other Blogs and their confirmed girl results from Intelligender I may have misinterpreted for a boy. The pictures I got are not nearly as clear as it looked in person, so I e-mailed my photos to Intelligender to confirm, to make sure what I was seeing what right. Within minutes, I got an e-mail back confirming I had a “clear GIRL result!” I knew in person it for sure looked like a girl, so I felt better telling everyone my results once someone looked at my pictures and thought the same thing!

Overall, this test was so easy to take! I definitely recommend e-mailing your photos if you aren’t 100% sure! I’ve read many Blogs and posts about this test, and I would be willing to bet the people I found saying their results weren’t right, was because, they were mis reading their results. The test claims 80-90% accuracy! How cool is that!? You can know 80-90% the sex of your baby at 10 weeks pregnant!

I know not to go out and buy pink yet, but I think it’s really fun to take this test whether you want to find out the gender or not! I will of course confirm in an ultrasound later in my pregnancy, but Intelligender is a fun test to take to hold over the anticipation until that day arrives!

For my results, Kyle, Landyn, and I read them together, and it was fun to do! When we told LC it said it was a girl, he got all excited and started clapping and yelling “YAY!”… I think it’s safe to say, he will be happy with a baby sister… and of course a baby brother if it turns out this baby is a boy too!


Intelligender has also come out with some awesome new and natural products for both pregnant women and new mom’s! When I was pregnant with LC, I struggled to find something to help with my stretching skin and changing body. The elasti-oil is supposed to help just for that! An all natural remedy to help prepare my skin for my changing body? I’ll use it! And I love it too!

Some of the other products Intellecuticals has to offer range from delivery day essentials, a gentle flower remedy to help ease your mind as you progress in your pregnancy, and oils to help with cradle cap and discomfort in breastfeeding once the baby arrives! If you’re an expectant mom, or a new mom, you should most definitely check out the Intellecuticals, you will not be disappointed! As mother’s, we all search for the best products for ourselves and baby, and there are many products out there that advertise and don’t do as they advertise. Why not try something that actually DOES work and is all natural too?!

You can have the chance to WIN to Intellecuticals Epsi-prep creamalong with an Intelligender Gender Prediction Test! The Epsi-prep cream is GREAT for mom’s, because it prepares your body for birth! Already know the sex of your baby and want to take the Intelligender Test for fun to see how they match? Don’t want to find out the gender for sure, but want to take a fun test before the birth? OR, are you like me and want to take the test in anticipation for the BIG ultrasound around 20 weeks!? Enter my giveaway (details below) and make sure you tell me all about your results!


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