3 Years, 10 Months, & Lots of In Between’s!

So it’s no secret that I have been slacking at updating on the babes lately. Actually, let’s face it; my blog updates have been slacking in general, but that’s something that is about to change.. I promise! I still have an exciting video review I need to post among many other things, but today is all about the sweetness I cherish every single day!

Lavery is 10 months old today and Landyn turned 3 in March. Sadly, I haven’t updated much, so I wanted to share a few sweet photos of my special little angels. Thanks to the lovely and talented Jennifer Parker of Firewife Photography, my sweet little man’s three year photo shoot turned out fabulous and Lavery (although a little late) has some sweet nine month shots to share. Even though these are nine month shots, they’re more like 10 months since they were just taken yesterday (oops!)

Lavery’s Update

We head back to the pediatrician tomorrow for a weight check. Fingers crossed she’s plumping up for us! She’s been eating table foods for a month and still enjoying mama’s milk! Woohoo! I’ve made it to ten months and here’s hoping to at least a few more! She’s army crawling everywhere, yet to stand up, but she can make her way across the room in seconds! She’s a mama’s girl and sings “mamamamamama” all.day.long. Literally. Even though it’s exhausting, I try not to complain, because her sweet smile and arms reaching up to me do make me smile.

Landyn’s Update

Landyn is my little rambunctious monster! It’s like, he turned three and flipped a switch! He is ON.THE.GO. ALL.THE.TIME! He keeps me on my toes! His three check up went well, he hasn’t really gained any weight in the last year, but I wouldn’t either if I ran laps in my sleep! He loves his baby sister and he is the proudest big brother I have ever seen. Let’s just hope it stays that way as they grow. Wishful thinking, right? He’s talking constantly, learning new songs, loves to dance, and has all of a sudden developed the appetite of a teenager! He makes me laugh every single day and he is growing into such a little man, I love it!

Life has been full of surprises, laughs, and memories everyday. I hope to keep you up to date on the Crowe’s Nest more often from this point forward!

Here are my sweet little lovies, Enjoy!

The Nursing Challenge: Mission Accomplished!

I am happy to announce, Lavery is DAIRY ALLERGY FREE!!! The last few months have been rough in the breastfeeding department. She was losing weight, I started supplementing and took our dairy and soy, she STILL lost weight. I started taking domperidone (which is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING) and increased my milk supply so much, she hardly ever had to have formula. She was getting an extra bottle after every breastfeeding session and at 5 months, we started rice cereal.

Weight gain… YES! We went for a weight check right before Christmas and she gained weight, and today at her 6 month checkup, we found out she is up to 13lb 10 oz. I know that still sounds small and is in the 10th percentile on the growth chart, but now she’s 10th percentile all the way around and she gained a full 7 oz since her weight check 2 1/2 weeks ago!

We also discovered, she has grown out of her dairy allergy! YESS! This means I can now have pizza with cheese, please! Over the holiday’s, I’ll admit, I cheated a little and it didn’t bother her at all. When we first found out she had the dairy allergy and I took it out of my diet, MAJOR improvements in her eating and mood. If I slipped on accident, I noticed it that day when I was feeding her and in her stools. Well I tried it over the holiday’s and still HAPPY BABY! The pediatrician said it’s normal to grow out of it starting around 6 months and she did!

I’m so thrilled I stuck with breastfeeding, no matter how much of a challenge it was, I stuck with it and it was so worth it!

Now onto 2012… with two healthy and happy babies, who could ask for anything more!?

My 6 month old little lady… total SWEETNESS!


Recap {2011}

2011 was a year to remember. As we are gearing up for spending our last day in 2011 and ringing in 2012 at midnight, I have to reflect on this past year and everything it has brought me and our whole family. This year certainly brought more joy than 2010 and I feel confident leaving 2011 saying God blessed us this year in more ways than one. So let’s take a look back at this year and reminisce!

January 2011 – Kyle started his new job. After 10 months of living the unemployed life, he started his new job as we embarked on a year full of blessings. What a great start to an amazing year!… I also turned 25 and we found out (on my birthday) we were having a baby girl!

February 2011 – In February, we got to have a 20 week peak at our little lady and my bump continued to grow. We also officially chose her name and made the big reveal right here on Forever’s Like a Dream! We also geared up for a certain little man’s 2nd birthday which was right around the corner in ……


March 2011Landyn turned 2! We celebrated with some amazing friends and Mickey Mouse even made an appearance! We also got to take a good 3D look at Miss Lavery as she continued to grow!

April 2011 – Kyle turned 28 and we had our annual Virginia Beach trip with my aunt and uncle! We even got to see this beautiful rainbow and we all felt my mom there with us.

May 2011 - Two awesome friends threw me a fabulous baby shower, we finally got the nursery set up and decorated, and we started a new and special tradition on Mother’s Day releasing balloons to my mom. May and Mother’s Day is always a bittersweet time for me, but seeing LC release the balloons and yell “Love you Nana” was a special memory and moment that I look forward to repeating every year.

June 2011 – We had our last set of family photos taken before Lavery was born and I walked around for weeks having contractions. This was the month that we can now look back on as “the calm before the storm,” because it was our last as a family of three!

July 2011Lavery Elizabeth Crowe was welcomed into the world at 8:55am and was 8lb 8oz and 20 inches long! After watching my belly grow right here on Forever’s Like a Dream, Lavery was born and brought so much joy to our family.

August 2011 – I completed my final course in my BA and graduated college! After all this time and obstacles I’ve crossed, completed my Communications degree felt so sweet!

September 2011 – Kyle and I celebrated our third anniversary together. After five years of dating, a wedding, my mom’s funeral, and two kids later, we aren’t sick of each other yet!

October 2011 – Lavery had her first Halloween and dressed up as a lady bug while big brother was his favorite… Mickey Mouse! We went trick or treating with some very special and awesome friends and LC had a blast! His signature line? “I got CAAANNNNDDDYYY!!!” He even fell on his face once, and still got up screaming for his candy!

November 2011 – We celebrated our first Thanksgiving as a family of four and felt so blessed to have all that we have been given. Look how blessed our family is…

December 2011 – Our first Christmas a family of four. We celebrated this Christmas and Jesus’ Birth, LC even sang Happy Birthday to Jesus in his Christmas performance at school. We reflected on this last year and looked at how lucky we truly are.

I have met some amazing people in 2011 and I’m so thankful for the wonderful friends I’ve made and relationships I have had the opportunity to form. To everyone who came into my life this year, thank you for being you and I can’t wait to see what 2012 has in store for my relationships with you all! This year over all the others since I’ve lived in Charlotte, I finally feel a sense of home and I have some strong friendships I am so thankful for, and I look forward to bonding more and creating even more long lasting relationships with those of you I met this year!

 2011 was one of the best yet! I hope you and your family can look back and see as many blessings as I can and HAPPY NEW YEAR! May 2012 be filled with just as many blessings and wonderful memories!


{DIY} Merry Mail!

So with the Holiday season in full swing, we all know our mailboxes will start filling up with those oh so loveable Christmas cards! If you know me, I am way oo too serious about Christmas cards and I get way too into choosing the perfect design with the most fabulous photos. You have to send along something special to look at, right?

Well, when we built our house, we opted out of a fireplace, because we preferred to have more space in the living area. Problem. No fireplace means no mantle to showcase Christmas cards on. So as I was browsing wasting time on Pinterest, I came across the most adorable Merry Mail sign to make to showcase those Christmas cards on. I decided I would give it a try and put a little spin to make it my own.

I started with a piece of wooden board, some plane clothes pins, and paint. All of this only cost about $15 total for everything I need to create this piece.Next, I painted the board a Christmas red. Even though these colors don’t necessarily match the color pallet in my house, I wanted it to be “Christmasy.” I figured it could be put up with all the Christmas decorations once completed to use again next year and doesn’t have to fit my house all year round.

Then I painted on the wording, “Merry Mail” in green and added some white accents. The original I found on Pinterest had polka dots all around the edges. Well, if you know me, you know I get way too excited and jump the gun on things too often and I didn’t really measure out the text to put polka dots around the whole thing, so I decided to make the edges white to break up the bright red a little and add in a “snowy” look with some designs. I wanted something fun and this fit the bill.
Lastly, I added some ribbon I found at Garden Ridge that fit perfectly! I cut both different designs into strips and I just taped them on the back. I planned to use a staple gun, but I couldn’t find staples and at this point I wasn’t stopping! I had Kyle hang it on the wall and… Voila! All finished! It was so easy. I painted the clothes pins green and red and added the one Christmas we’ve already gotten and one of our own!

Here you have it… Merry Mail!

Celebrate This Holiday Season with Tiny Prints

Thanks to Jennifer of MommyBKnowsBest, I was invited to a Tiny Prints event on Friday evening. I got to meet some other great local Charlotte area bloggers, have some yummy food at Fran’s Filling Station here in Charlotte, and take a peek at some of Tiny Prints new Holiday collection, along with some of their awesome photo books and more.

What’s New This Season?

I got to see these adorable Ornament Cards. And you know what’s really cool? Jennifer Aniston designed it! Anyone who knows me, knows I am celebrity obsessed, so this is even cooler!

This season, Tiny Prints is featuring an array of celebrity designed Christmas cards. Along with Jennifer Aniston, Eva Longoria, Zoe Saldana, Bridget Moynahan, and Catherine Bell have designed a stylish collection of cards to benefit the Epidermolysis Bullosa Medical Research Foundation.

Photography Tips with Chris Garner of TPS Photography

Getting to chat with some awesome bloggers and look over Tiny Prints assortment of designs wasn’t all I got to experience on Friday night. Chris Garner of TPS Photography was present to give us bloggers some photography tips! I learned I will never consider myself a photographer (although not that I ever would anyway), but Chris taught me some tips to help with my lack of photography skills.

Check out TPS Photography at their website and Facebook  to check out some of his work!

Shopping For Gifts?

And aside from creatively designed Christmas cards, don’t forget Tiny Prints offers some pretty amazing photo books too! I got to see some of them in different themes with both professional and normal pictures we take with our own cameras, and they were beautiful! If you’re looking for unique and personal Christmas ideas, this Holiday season, Tiny Print’s photobooks will not disappoint! The options are limitless, so you have the opportunity to create something perfect for what you’re looking for and tailor them to fit exactly what you’re looking to create.

Make your Holiday season a little brighter with designs from Tiny Prints! I’m excited to spend time going through the large selection to create the perfect Christmas card for my family this season!

You can look through Tiny Prints selection of Holiday cards and choose the perfect design for your family this season HERE.

Tell me… which celebrity design is your favorite? Eva Longoria’s design most fits my personality, but what about yours?


Medela’s Virtual Breast Milk Collection Campaign in Honor of Prematurity Awareness Month

As each year passes, many months represent something or a cause that many people can find a personal relation to in one way or another. This month, November, marks Prematurity Awareness Month which is something I can personally relate to as well as many mother’s I know.

My brother (now a 23 year old healthy man) was born very premature and I remember as a young child visiting him in the hospital and watching my baby brother through the glass wall hooked up to countless monitor’s and cords. As a mother, I thank God everyday I have been blessed with two healthy babies born at 37 and 38 weeks and I pray for the mother’s who are facing their weak and tiny premature babies as they fight to get stronger and survive.

Medela has announced a Virtual Breastmilk Collection Campaign to honor Prematurity Awareness Month and to help raise awareness to the benefits breastmilk can have on your baby. The Campaign states:

In honor of National Prematurity Awareness Month and Neonatal healthcare professionals nationwide, Medela will host a virtual Human Milk (breastmilk) Collection Campaign. As part of this initiative, Medela will donate $30,000 worth of breastfeeding support products to neonatal intensive care units (NICUs) across the country – helping moms provide their premature babies with all the benefits of breastmilk. Throughout the month of November, you can vote for your preferred NICU at www.medelapreemieawareness.com. Six NICUs will receive at least $5,000 worth of Medela products or education services for their facilities to help enable moms to provide the life-saving benefits of breastmilk to their babies.

If you want to be a part of this virtual movement to help raise money for the NICO at six different hospitals, even just for registering, you can add 1mL to the Virtual Human Milk Collection Campaign!

Throughout November, you can register on Medela’s website and vote for a NICU to win. One Nicu from six regions will receive $5,000 worht of Medela products or education services for their facility.

The Benefits of Breastmilk

Breastmilk gives many benefits to your baby, including helping them build a stronger immune system, which is why breastmilk is so important for premature babies. You can read more about the importance of breastmilk and why it can be so beneficial to premautre babies here.

How You Can Be a Part of the Campaign

It’s simple! All you have to do is register and vote! I voted for Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center (cHaD) in Lebanon, NH to win, because several members of my family have been cared for here. My brother was born at the old location of this hospital and he has grown into such a healthy adult, I would love to see this hospital from my hometown win this campaign!

Leave me a comment, I would love to hear you voted for!


LC & His Buddies :: Then & Now

Yesterday we got a chance to visit with some of our good friends, Rachel and Damien! Rachel and I have been close friends for a long time now (and my birthday actually marks our 5 year “anniversary!”)

Anyway…. Damien was born just four months after LC and they’ve only spent time together a few times (sad, right!?) They have moved allllll the way up to Statesville, so spending time like these together are definitely cherished! The boys had a blast and we were even able to take a few pics with Little Miss Lavery too. Watch it Damien – LC is one protective big bro!

Here’s a “Then & Now” pic from way back when LC was 6 months old, then yesterday!

Happy Monday everyone!