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ERGOBaby Review & Giveaway! *CLOSED*

Well everyone… here it is! What you’ve all been waiting for! Is YOUR baby an ERGOBaby!? Do you currently use a carrier that kills your back or your baby just is not comfortable in? How many mom’s have you seen carrying their babies around the store or in the parking lot on their hips and they look like the baby is about to drop to the ground? I have tried almost every carrier there is! From the ring sling to a Wrap and Wear to the Chicco carrier and even a Baby Bjorn and either LC wasn’t comfortable, I wasn’t comfortable, or it just didn’t fit right. Each time, I thought I found a better carrier that worked for me, but then I found baby carrier perfection! I found the ERGO… and you should too!

The ERGOBaby carrier is designed so you can use it from infancy (with the proper infant insert) up to 40 pounds! LC can still be in it and it takes a HUGE weight off my back to carry him in the ERGO rather than carry him on my own when he can’t walk. Aside from how much more comfortable the ERGO is for me, there are so many options! You can wear baby on your back, front, or hip! Out of all of the carriers and slings I have tried, ERGO by far, has the most options! As a mom, that is what we want, right? Options! I don’t know about you, but I have a picky toddler who knows what he wants and when I put him in the ERGO for the first time in the airport back in October, he was completely content hanging out in the ERGO looking around! PERFECTION! If you know my son, he does NOT stay content staying still, but in the ERGO… it was genius! When I put him in it with Kyle when I got my new one recently, he didn’t even scream! He was so content, I think I owe the maker’s of the ERGOBaby carrier for creating something that will hold my child still AND happy!

For those of you reading this and for those of you who read my Blog regularly, I’m sure you can see I am on a constant quest to find the best for baby. Especially now, with a toddler and a newborn on the way, I want what is most convenient, easiest to use, and the perfect “fit” for my family. I have found some awesome products throughout my journey to motherhood, and ERGOBaby is for sure at the top of my list! I only wish I tried and discovered the ERGOBaby carrier much sooner, because it would have made for much more pleasant walks!

Not only does the ERGOBaby carrier give ME the support I need lugging around a heavy toddler, but it gives HIM the support HE needs too! Once you become a mom, your child comes first. Their comfort, their happiness, their well being, so it’s always a bonuswhen you find something that does all of those things for YOU too! If your baby is not an ERGOBaby, you’re missing out! BUT, you have a chance to experience the ERGOBaby carrier too!

One lucky reader will WIN an ERGOBaby carrier of your choice! Here’s how!


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And there you go! You could win an ERGO! Wherever you go, go ERGO!