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Oh, No Big Deal… I’m just on People Magazine Online!

Ever since I was little, all I ever wanted was to be this huge star! Seriously… like I used to dress up for the big awards shows to the nines while I sat in my bed watching the show pretending to walk the red carpet and I was there winning all the awards in the glamorous clothing.

Well, you’ll need to sit down for this one folks, because I’m officially labeling myself as famous – - – Lavery and I are on!

Yes, that’s us with THE Josh Duhamel on’s homepage. No biggie, right!? When you click on the link, you can see more. Wait for it…..

The captain reads

“Dad-to-be Josh Duhamel got in a little parenting practice when he met Kelley Crowe and her little one on the Safe Haven set in North Carolina in 2012.”

Like.. REALLY!? THAT IS US ON PEOPLE.COM!!! Like I am DYING OVER HERE! For real! They posted on Instagram asking their followers to tag pictures of themselves with movie stars using #YTmoviestar. Naturally, I posted this photo, because I already have like 100 times.,.. why not 101!? First, I never thought they would choose my photo out of the crazy amounts of what had already been posted and 2. I never though it would be on their actual website! Instagram? Maybe, but and a little snippet on the homepage – NO WAY!

I never would have seen it if it wasn’t for a friend posting it on my Facebook wall when she realized it was little old me on

I guess you could say my childhood fantasies of becoming a celebrity have been fulfilled… whether I actually live the glamorous life of not ;) I met Josh Duhamel and we are on…. that counts for something, right!?

You can “like” our photo (although admittedly, I have no clue if the “likes” get me anything), but it would be pretty darn awesome to have a lot of FB “likes” on, so would love it if you would check it out!

Check out our picture in the gallery here. And “like” our picture here.

And if you want to be nosy and learn a little more about our visit to the Safe Haven movie set last summer, you can read the old post PLUS my Safe Haven movie review too! ;) I’m in Josh Duhamel HEAVEN!

It’s a Bird…. It’s a Plane.. It’s……

… SUPER LANDYN! Superheroes commence! We celebrated Landyn’s 4th birthday in style a few weeks ago. Spiderman was there, Batman, Wonder Woman, Superwoman, & Captain America, the birthday boy himself! Captain America’s baby sister even made an appearance! ;)

So before we get into anything else, let’s talk the details of how I pulled this “Super Landyn” party off! Luckily, it was gorgeous out. And I mean.. gorgeous! Like t shirt weather and the kids just had a blast running around in the backyard. The invites I made myself, you might remember the post here about those.

I wanted to create a DIY Photobooth. I’ve seen them done before with the big frames for kids to hold up, but since this was a Superhero thing I switched it up. First, I hung a white sheet and just had a bunch of balloons hanging out on the floor. I made some DIY photobooth props with POW signs, POP, and an “L” for the birthday boy. Most of them I printed big on black and white color and then mounted them onto colored poster board. Even though the booth didn’t really turn out like a imagined with a bunch of four year olds participating, it was still cute and they had fun holding up the cool signs!

Clearly too many kids wanted to fit in this one – HA!

The second photobooth, I wanted to make it look like the superheroes were flying over buildings. I had my husband print a large sheet of buildings at his office and we laid that down on the floor for the kids to lay on top of. Even though they didn’t really get the “flying over buildings” concept, it was still pretty funny! The superhero cape Landyn is wearing here are the capes I made for each child to take home with them. Super easy & no sew! I got that from this post on Pinterest.

For food, we did “Create Your Own Heroes!”, popcorn, & veggies. For as many people in my house, the whole making your sandwiches thing worked out great! And for the popcorn, I made cones out of superhero coloring pages and dumped the popcorn into those and the outside of my kitchen island was covered in superhero coloring pages for the kids to color – it ended up turning into people leaving fun Happy Birthday messages for LC too!

One last little detail I’m so proud of, is the balloon wreath that was hanging on our front door. I used this tutorial from Pinterest, except I didn’t use as many balloons as she did and I made my own superhero symbols to attach throughout the wreath. I love how this turned out and I think I might save it to switch out for different themes for future parties!

Overall the party was SO.MUCH.FUN! All of the work I put into making everything on my own was well worth it – both for the overall look and for my bank account! ;) This was the first year I didn’t buy everything from Etsy or different places and printables. I both designed, printed, and put together everything on my own!

I really can’t believe our little man is 4!!

Happy 4th Birthday Landyn Carter!

Today, our sweet little man turns 4! Just 4 years ago at 8:05 in the morning, our 7 lb 10 oz little man was born into this world and has given us the last 4 years of such amazing joy! I remember how excited I was in anticipation of his birth and I continue to be excited every day as I see him experience new things. We had such a fun party with lots of great friends over the weekend to celebrate! I just can’t even believe how fast these last 4 years have gone by. I still remember every detail of my water breaking the night before (3 weeks before he was expected) and he has been surprising us with new things everyday since!



Watch for a fun post coming later this week on details of his Superhero Party!

Ringling Bros & Barnum & Bailey ® {Review}

Last night was a night full of firsts for our family. It was out first time taking Lavery to any sort of performance and our first night at the circus! Kyle and I both realized we didn’t think we’d ever been to the circus before (and if we did, it was when we were really young so we didn’t remember it.) We weren’t really sure how it would go bringing a one year old to the circus, but to our surprise… she LOVED it!

Before the show, we got to check out a cool animal clinic where we met Kelly… Yes, Kelly (the elephant!) Landyn got a kick out of the elephant sharing the same name as his mommy and he made sure everyone knew it – HA!

Lavery had a blast at the preshow watching all the dancing.. she even got down with the crew herself!

Once the show started it proved its title to be true.. “The Greatest Show on Earth.” I have never in my life seen anything like it and both kids watched with big eyes as they performed tricks on motorcycle in the air, ran through fire, flipped around on horses, and so much more!

The stories you’ve heard cannot do the circus justice – you HAVE to see it for yourself!

If you live in Charlotte, you can still get a discount on tickets until February 3rd! Experience “The Greatest Show on Earth” and watch the light in your little one’s eyes as they experience the impossible with Ringling Bros & Barnum & Bailey ®Presents Dragons!

For tickets & more info, check out Time Warner Cable Arena’s website here.

I am a Feld Family Ambassador, and in exchange for my time and efforts in attending shows and reporting my opinion within this blog, as well as keeping you advised of the latest discount offers, Feld Entertainment has provided me with complimentary tickets to Feld shows and opportunities to attend private Feld pre-Show events. Even though I receive these benefits, I always give an opinion that is 100% mine.

“The Big Girl Badge”

On September 25, 2010, I posted almost the same title, except it was titled “The Big Boy Badge.” Yes, my big boy at age 1 1/2 got his first big boy badge. Yesterday, at the same age as her big brother was so did my little lady.

LC got his got his in the driveway and so did little miss. We were outside yesterday enjoying the 70 degree weather we have been graced with in the Carolina’s and Lav took a spill in the driveway. One leg was scraped up the whole side and the other just her knee. She was a trooper though! Cried for about 10 second then sat on the counter quietly while I cleaned it up!

Kids are so resilient! I would say Lav has officially become a big girl with her two “big girl badges” to prove it! ;)



We Wish You a Merry Christmas!

From our family to yours, we hope everyone has a fabulous Christmas and everyone is spending lots of time with the ones you love! I know I will be counting my blessings and fully enjoying this Christmas with my beautiful family!

Feeling Nostalgic {Breastfeeding}

I don’t think I ever posted an official “End to Breastfeeding” post. We made it 13 months and at that point, Lavery was using sippy cups more and even though she still wanted to nurse, my milk supply was dwindling and I didn’t want her to get too attached to the idea of NEEDING to nurse. I was sad, but it was the right thing to do. As she was getting older, she wanted to be more of a big girl and like her big brother anyway.

This morning… at almost 15 months, Lavery sat in my lap drinking her milk in her sippy cup and I felt so nostalgic wishing I was still breastfeeding. I miss those quiet moments with her. Now that she’s walking, she’s constantly on the go and I loved those few times a day where we got some quiet mama and baby time while she nursed.

I would say it gave me baby fever, but two nights ago both kids tag teamed us and were up every 15 minutes each… so baby fever? Not so much? Nostalgic.. maybe a little.

Luckily, I can look back on these sweet moments and remember those sweet moments when it was actually quiet… HA!

Six Years Without My Mom

I sit here writing this blog post just as I do every year on the anniversary of my mom’s death. I sit here and I still feel the same. I still remember the exact events of this day six years ago. The phone call to rush to the hospital, the drive there that felt like it would never end. Then sitting by her side talking to her. Loving her. Holding her hand with no response at all.

I had nightmares for the longest time after that day. I had nightmares and I grew more and more sad over the fact that I remembered those horrible last few moments better than I remembered anything else.

As time went on… the memories came back and the nightmares faded and now I sit here and I remember things like the time when my brother and I were kids and my mom took us to see the Christmas lights in Broad Street Park then we went and got Happy Meals at McDonald’s. I remember going home and sitting on the living room floor eating my happy meal, looking at my mom and our big Christmas tree all lit up with such joy. I even remember getting a Barbie Happy Meal toy. Crazy huh? The things we remember…

Then I remember the time I met my Aunt Sally, Aunt Peg, and cousin Melanie for lunch in Keene with my mom and took this picture.

I love that picture. I remember my moms pink fluffy coat, her pink glasses, and if I remember correctly.. she even had pink shoes. I guess I know where I get my love for pink, right!?

Then I remember the time my mom took me shopping for my first prom dress. I think this is one of my most favorite and precious memories I have with my mom. I remember how excited she was and I remember seeing the first dress on the mannequin walking by a boutique and we both knew that was the one. Guess what color it was? Yep, pink.

I wish I had that same memory shopping for my wedding dress….

Then I look at Landyn and Lavery. Seeing Lavery sometimes takes my breath away, because she looks so much like my mom. I look at her and see my mom everyday and I honestly believe sometimes it’s her coming back in Lavery. She has her smile and when she smiles and I think of my mom, I would do anything for her to be here to see it too.

Landyn prays for his nana and it makes my heart melt, because I know she would be loving this. She would be soaking this up. I try not to feel angry that she’s not here, but sometimes it’s so hard not to. Six years of these feelings that only seem to be enhanced with time. The memories are still there, but over time they really do feel farther and farther away.

I know it might seem kind of strange to write about this every year when her birthday or anniversary of her death comes around, but my mom and my grandmother did a lot of writing. They are some of my most cherished things and writing helps me get through these really hard days, because even though the nightmares; those bad memories of this day have started to drift away, they’re still always there in the back of my mind and I need to remind myself of the happy memories and the happy times we had, because I know I need to hang onto those to share with Landyn and Lavery as they get older. I want them to know how special their nana was and how blessed I was to call her my mom.

I remember the first Christmas after my mom passed away, my cousins gave me a book called Motherless Daughters.  To this day, I still haven’t had enough strength to make it through the whole thing.

Six years as a motherless daughter and I’m still missing you like crazy. I know my mom is singing this above.

“I am leaving you with a gift — peace of mind and heart. And the peace I give is a gift the world cannot give. So don’t be troubled or afraid.” John 14:27

Safe Haven filming in Southport, NC!

Thanks to our little family vacation in Wrightsville Beach this week, I had the chance to witness a little bit of filming for the new movie adaptation of Nicholas Sparks novel, “Safe Haven.”

Anyone who knows me, knows I love Nicholas Sparks. LC (Landyn Carter) is even named after a character from his book and we’ve been able to meet him several times at book signing here in Charlotte, NC.

When I heard “Safe Haven” was filming in Southport, NC (about a 40 minute drive from Wilmington) I HAD to go! I love Josh Duhamel (who’s starring in the movie with Julianne Hough) and I’ve watched him ever since his All My Children days as Leo Du’pre.

I never thought in a million years I would meet Josh (although I dreamt it) and I really didn’t think I would see much of the movie (especially when the first day we went to visit, the whole town was completely flooded!) But, thanks to a super awesome cop guarding the set (and a totally cute baby I could use as bait on my hip)… look who we met!?

He really was so awesome. You could tell he was exhausted and based on what people were saying, they had a pretty busy filming day, but he still took the time to come out and say hi and take a photo. It was seriously the highlight of our beach trip and I am even more excited for the movie to come out now!

I think I’ll read Safe Haven again and picture Josh and Julianne as Alex and Katie next!

I also got a glimpse of the filming at Ivan’s (the restaurant from the book Katie works at.) Here’s a little shot of Julianne from the distance!

More beach pictures to come!

Guess How Much We Love Lavery :: 1st Birthday

Yesterday, Lavery turned 1! We celebrated with friends and we had a great day (despite the party being held outdoors in 100+ degree heat!) We decided to share the party with some friends, because two of Lavery’s buddies share the same birthday and another a week later. To accommodate both a girl and a boy party, we went with a picnic theme and then chose a different book to represent each baby (although the two boys shared the same book.)

Overall, it turned out great even with the insane heat wave hitting our area right now! Who would have expected the weather to be over 100 degrees right now in NC!?

In the end, all of the babies had a great time and all of our guests did too, and that’s really all that counts!

I am so in love with her invitations! I came across The Opened Envelope and found they had a “Guess How Much I Love You” baby shower themed invitation, so I e-mailed to see if they come up with a birthday invite. Right away they responded with an option, and I told them what I wanted to switch up and they came up with this. It’s perfect!


We all took to Pinterest for inspiration on our themes and to pull them together with a picnic!

My original inspiration for “Guess How Much I Love You” came from this blog, Pizzazzerie. The theme of her son’s party was “Guess How Much I love Two” for a second birthday. We went with “Guess How Much We Love Lavery.”

Landyn’s favorite book was “Guess How Much I Love You” and we read it all the time with both kids. I was so excited to give this a theme a girly twist!

The way the party worked with four babies was actually kind of cute and creative if I do say so myself! We had an overall picnic theme with the overall decor and we had food for all of the guests, then each baby’s book had a theme table with theme snacks and decor.

“Guess How Much We Love Lavery”

For her table, I put the hubby to work to build the backdrop to look like a fence. To go with the “girly twist” I laid down a pink tablecloth and set some fake green grass on top. I was able to borrow some photo prop tree stumps and I used the bigger one to set a pitcher with sweet tea on and a smaller one at the cake table.

I put together a sweet nine month shot of Lavery and added “Guess How Much We Love Lavery” onto the theme and put together a birthday banner to hang on the backdrop with a photo from every month of her first year.

For food, I stuck with the “nature” theme and put together a spinach dip and veggie spread and then I filled a flower pot with organic cheddar bunnies for the kids.

For favors, I planted some carrots in mini flower pots and stuck a flower label in the dirt that read “Thank you for watching me grow. Love, Lavery” with a bible verse.

Her smash cake was made by our favorite bakery who has always done our special occasion cakes ever since our wedding, Nona’s Sweets in Charlotte, NC. They put the image from her invitation right on and I love how it turned out! Simple and sweet.

Each baby had their own theme smash cake and the overall cake made by local mama was picnic themed with an element from each book. I love how it all turned out, it couldn’t have been more perfect!

In the background, you can get a little peek at the adorable smash cake photo of lal the babies taken a few weeks before by FireWife Photography!

Lavery’s Outfit

I have absolutely loved having a girl to play dress up with! I searched Etsy for weeks to find the perfect outfit. Because, our theme isn’t an easy theme for birthday’s, I came across this awesome shop Rebekah Crisco on Etsy. I e-mailed her to see what she could come up with and she hand-painted the most perfect onesie personalized with her name.

Her hairclip was made by Perfectly Perrywinkle. I love everything she does and I showed her a picture of Lavery’s shirt and she made the perfect headband to match!

I finished it off with a hot pink tutu and some barefoot sandals to match! Here is my big 1st birthday girl all decked out in her adorable 1st birthday ensemble!

Her custom birthday hat (shown below) was designed by Dickens Designs.

Overall, everyone had a great time and we are so blessed to have some really special friends to celebrate with! Lavery had a great time and we are so excited to see how much she grows this next year!

We love you baby girl!!!