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Facebook Makes it Official

Both Reality Steve and Wet Paint are reported Jef’s relationship status has changed making the Jemily breakup news… GASP… official!

Photo credit to Jef Holm’s Facebook &

On a scale of 1-10 I say this breakup is an 8… definetely more sad than Ben & Courtney’s flop, but not quite as devasting as Nick & Jessica announcing their divorce on Thanksgiving… (Yes, I remember that!)

As we await the “official official” announcement from both parties, I think Facebook makes it as official as it’s going to be. That paired with their significantly decreased Twitter banter and de-coupled their Twitter profile images… it’s the end of Jef & Emily as we know it.

[insert sad face here]

As sad as this is for Emily supporter’s everywhere, I knew from the moment she said yes this wouldn’t last. As much of a Jef fan I have turned into.. they just don’t match. We can only hope Emily finds her Prince Charming and that missing “F’ one day soon….

Jemily Cheating Scandal {What I Think}

It actually makes me really sad to even talk about this subject. Up until now when anyone asked me what I thought about the whole Jef and Emily sexting and cheating rumors, I just said “I really don’t think it’s true. In person, they look so happy and it doesn’t make sense.” Even though I said those things, because it didn’t make sense, I also didn’t want it to make sense. But now, unfortunately, I think all signs are pointing to these things are all true…. as much as any of us Jemily fans want to deny it.

Posting photos like these via Twitter and Instagram sure has made these rumors look false, however the following article from Us Weekly is why I finally have given in to the rumors whether I want to or not.

Since everyone’s been asking, here’s what I believe:

  • Yes, I do think Jef caught Emily texting (maybe not sexting) with football quarterback Matt Leinart and I do believe what his family is saying happened while on vacation, happened. Maybe it wasn’t as bad as his family portrays, maybe not. Why would Jef’s family lie? Obviously Jef and Emily decided they wanted to move past it, so everyone else should let them.
  • I do believe Jef met up with his ex.. or so she says. Those texts happened. I don’t think Us Weekly would have made them up, like Reality Steve said, they could be slammed with a lawsuit so big… why worth lying over?
  • I do think they’ve had problems. I believe there’s probably a lot more we don’t know about, BUT as much as I hate to admit it, I don’t think all of these stories that have come out are flat out lies.
Now what I DON’T believe:
  • Kaylee is truly an EX and she and Jef has this great exclusive relationship. reading her e-mails with Reality Steve proved to me she is not a source that can be trusted. She obviously fell for Jef hard and they were hooking up. What’s wrong with that? I don’t think they had this long drawn out exclusive relationship (maybe in her MIND though) and he left her high and dry to go on the show.
  • Although I believe Jef and Kaylee met up in Utah, I think it was more innocent than Kaylee portrays.
  • I absolutely 100% do NOT believe Jef told Emily he’d play the role for the public eye for half of her Bachelorette salary. I think this is total fabricated CRAP.
  • And I don’t believe Jef and Emily have a perfect relationship. In all honesty… who does?
I do think maybe they are playing the social networking card a little more, because they feel like they have to prove themselves and their relationship. It’s both sad and sweet at the same time. I think they are showing their fans depsite these hardships, they’re giving it a go… which is a whole lot more than many people would do, so I give them props to that.
Do I think Jef and Emily are busy planning a wedding we will see televised for all of America to see? Maybe not. I’m not sure I believe a wedding will ever happen at this point, but I do believe mistakes have been made and Jef and Emily are living with it. Unfortunately, in their position, this is all made public and they can’t deal with it privately like most people can.
How many people reading this article have been through some sort of hard time in a relationship? The difference between that and this is what? Nothing. They fell in love on TV. The end. Let them live their lives people. I know America to some extent has a right to know. We all watched these two fall in love and we want to see them happy, but it’s unfair to criticize their every move and pick apart their relationship.
No knows what really happened but Jef and Emily. No one knows what their future holds, but Jef and Emily.. and frankly, that’s the way it should be.
I hope to see these two out strolling hand in hand in Charlotte or at church with smiles on, on Sunday morning and I hope they can make it through whatever unfortunate mistakes have been made, but it’s real life folks. Mistakes happen, people do things they regret, but you move on and you work through it and props to Jef and Emily for doing just that.
Sorry Jemily fans… I know many of you may disagree or want to truly believe these things aren’t true. The reality is, it probably is, but it’s what they do about it from here on out that should both be private and what really count. For Ricki’s sake and Jef and Emily’s, I hope they work through this and come out of it just as strong as they did that beautiful day in Curacao.

The Bachelorette {After The Final Rose Party} Charlotte, NC

A few weeks back, I hosted an After the Final Rose party at Painting with a Twist here in Charlotte, NC in honor of Charlotte’s own Emily Maynard as this season’s The Bachelorette!

With part of the show being filmed in Charlotte, I thought it would be fun to have a party to celebrate and we even partnered with the Ricky Hendrick Center of ICU at Levine Children’s Hospital (the intensive care unit named in honor of Emily’s late fiance and daughter Ricki’s dad, NASCAR driver Ricky Hendrick.)

We brought together local businesses who were involved with the show this season, Towne & Reese, Osso Restaurant and Louge, and Flowers Plus and everyone had a great time!

Emily has been seen shopping at Towne and Reese in Charlotte and she even wore several of their pieces on the show! We gave away a few really amazing pieces Emily wore while on the show. Check out this great display!

Photo by Lora Lynch Photography

The Brooke Earrings are my absolute favorite! I even got a pair to show off for our event! I had our fabulous photographer snap a shot of me mimicking Emily’s promo shots from this season.


Photo by Lora Lynch Photography

In addition, another lucky winner took home a gift card to Osso Restaurant and Lounge where Emily and Ryan had their first date!

Overall, everyone had a fantastic time, painted a gorgeous painting, and we were able to give a check in the total of $675 to the Ricky Hendrick Center for ICU in Levine Children’s Hospital. How amazing is that!? I am so excited the event was such a success and thank you so much to everyone who attended and to all of the businesses who partnered with us to make it happen!

Here I am with Tara Fitzgerald, owner of Painting with a Twist and Cacky Higgins of Levine Children’s Hospital.

Photo by Lora Lynch Photography


I’m so excited to learn more about the Ricky Hendrick Center on a tour with the Charlotte Media Collaboration later this week. Lora will be there taking pictures and I can’t wait to share it with you all!

Jef… I hope you love Charlotte as much as we do and we hope to see you and Emily strolling around hand in hand! Congratulations!

Check out the rest of the pictures by the lovely and talented Lora Lynch Photography on Facebook here…. & if you’re not a fan, “like” Forever’s Like a Dream on Facebook for more celebrity mom news, giveaways, and so much more!

Emily Maynard as The Bachelorette:: Full Season Recap

As we get ready to watch Emily Maynard this evening in her final hours as The Bachelorette, I wanted to give a little recap of some of the most memorable moments of this season. We’ve met Shelly the egg, Emily and Chris bobble heads, we’ve heard Ryan speak with a stick up his (you know what!) and have seen Mr. Big Bucks roll up in all his helicopter joy. Now we are about to witness Emily profess her love….. or so we think?

I still think she ends up with no one and if she does find herself wearing a ring at the end of tonight’s finale, I don’t think it will still be on during the LIVE After the Final Rose to follow. However, we shall see!

So let’s take a look at the past 10 weeks of Emily’s quest to find the perfect mate for her and daughter Ricki.

Who was the first to go home?

Remember this face?

Photo Credit to

I didn’t think so. This is Brent, one of the five guys sent packing the first night in Charlotte, NC. Brent, Lerone, Jean-Paul, Randy, and David didn’t make it to barely say hello. Read my first impressions of the guys back in my first Bachelorette recap, here.

The first few episodes took place in my town of Charlotte, NC (which is currently listed for sale at $5.9 million).. anyone want to buy it for me? I’ll let you swim in the pool! ;) The mansion sits in the Evermay neighborhood off Marvin Rd. Anyone of my Charlotte friends stalk it?

Photo Credit to


The second episode was filmed at the Blumenthal Center in uptown Charlotte. This was the episode I was on! Remember this!?  I remember picking out Charlie out of the group of guys that day and really liked him. If you read my recap, you will remember I still thought the same thing seeing him on the show too. This is also the episode where Emily and Ryan had their first date at Osso Charlotte. Ryan was a quick favorite of mine too.

Aaron and Kyle who I jokingly called twins (seriously check out the pictures below) went home in episode 2.

Photo Credits to

Episode 3 Emily finally got down the nitty gritty sending home four guys total. Tony was sent home when Emily could tell he was missing his son (which is ironic, because he ended up on Bachelor Pad 3 romancing Charlotte’s other own, Blakeley Shea.) Read week 3′s full recap here.

The following week Emily and her suitors jetted off to the lovely Bermuda where  Nate went home (who was one of my favorites in past weeks.) Read this weeks full recap here.

This next week was when Emily went all “West Virginia hoodrat” on Kalon’s pretty little behind! Kalon calls Ricky baggage and Emily went nuts sending him home before the rose ceremony and saying goodbye to Alejandro. Check out the full recap and find out more about her dates this week, here.

Week six is when Ryan refers to Emily as a “trophy wife” and the start of the end for their relationship.

And week seven is where Arie’s past relationship with Bachelor producer Cassie Lambert is addressed. NOT on camera however, Emily finds out, expresses anger to the camera, then Cassie, Arie, and Emily have a talk off camera and Emily overcomes the whole thing and decides her feelings for Arie are stronger than that. Read more about my thoughts on the whole thing before it aired here, then the full recap of that episode here.

Episode eight, Emily visited Arie, Jef, and Sean’s hometown’s. She had – chemistry with Arie’s family, didn’t meet Jef’s Mormon parents, and got along great with Sean’s family! Find out more about her hometown visits on this post.

Episode nine Emily was faced with the decision to go or not to go on the overnight dates in the fantasy suite. What did she decide? Check out the recap here.

Then there was The Men Tell All. I’m sure many people disagreed with me, but I said in my recap I really thought a lot of the bad shown about Ryan and Kalon was edited and they may be somewhat misunderstood. Get more details on my thoughts on Kalon and Ryan and some more details on TMTA on my recap in this post.

And that brings us to the final two. Jef and Arie. Jef, I think is more sincere than Arie, but I honestly do not feel like they match. Their images are different and they just don’t match well. Jef however, is a fan favorite and I don’t think Arie is as sincere and I also am not quite sure I believe the whole story about him not making it on, because of knowing Cassie.

Who do you think Emily is standing with in the end? Who is your favorite?

Photo Credit to abc.comPhoto Credit to

Photo Credit to

Think Emily fits better with Arie’s life in the fastlane or with Jef riding four wheelers off into the sunset?


And don’t forget to join me for an After the Final Rose Party Monday at Painting with a Twist in Charlotte! We have giveaways featuring jewelery worn by Emily Maynard from Towne and Reese, a giftcard to Osso Charlotte where Emily and Ryan had their first date, and more!

Half of the proceeds will benefit the Ricky Hendrick Center for ICU at Levine Children’s Hospital!




The Bachelorette {The Men Tell All} Maybe They’re Not So Bad?

The Men Tell All last night was way less than I expected it to be. I expected cat fights, tears, and drama.. lots and lots of drama. Oh wait…. we were watching The MEN Tell All, not The Women Tell All.

I think the most interesting and fun part to watch last night was Kalon’s crummy apology right AFTER he said he wasn’t sorry for anything he said and he didn’t regret any of it. Really Kalon!? However, did we really expect anything more? Emily even called him out and told him it was a “LOAD of bull****!” Go Emily! She referenced to his “baggage claim” tweet a few weeks back. Funny how when I go back to look, it’s no longer there?

Kalon posted a tweet recently with a picture of baggage claim and wrote something along the lines of him not finding Emily there.


Photo Credit to

Now, I’m sure I’m going to really get it for this, but does anything else think it may be the slightest bit possible Kalon was egged on to be this way? I mean, I definetely think he’s conceited and has a big head, but I can’t help, but think that some of what was shown was set up to be seen that way. And I really do think some of this stuff is his lousy sense of humor. I’m just saying, Kalon isn’t the most sincere to go on The Bachelorette, but I don’t think he’s as bad as he was portrayed.

Same with Ryan. I’m sure I’ll get ripped for this one too, but I think he was just edited to be the way he was portrayed a lot too. Yes, he called her a “Trophy Wife” and he made the comment he did about if she gets fat, he would still love her, but wouldn’t love on her as much. But, come on people! I can see that was a joke, can’t you? I mean I think he just had a more laid back approach. Like Kalon, yes, he has a big head, but I really think editing and the Bachelorette producers have a lot to thank for how Ryan looked on TV.

I mean, think about everything we don’t see. Emily kept him around for weeks. We were obviously not seeing some of what was going on there and it wasn’t all bad, clearly.

Overall,  think The Men Tell All showed me my speculation about Ryan and suspicion about Kalon were true. I don’t think either one of them were right for Emily, but I really think some of that was taken in the wrong way and edited to portray them as the villain. You need a “Rated-R” in every season right?

I don’t think Kalon meant his apology and I do think from the beginning he wasn’t in it for the right reasons, but I also don’t think we got to see all of him on this show.

So what do you think? Am I crazy or do you agree? Who do you think is going to take home the final rose in Sunday night’s finale?

Oh and Bachelor Pad 3…. I’m waiting for you! ;)

The Bachelorette {Episode 9} Falling In Love

Last night’s episode was almost devastating to watch. To see the heartbreak Emily felt sending one of those guys home and making sure she is doing the right was so sad. I seriously felt for her and I’m sure it’s so much more difficult for her, because she knows what it’s like to be one of those three guys. She knows what feelings they have and the heartbreak they must be feeling to find out so far into the game after sharing so many special moments with her how they all feel.

Photo Credit to

For the first time last night, I can honestly say I’m not so sure Arie is going to win. They do have something physical, but for the first time last night I really didn’t see as much of a connection. I don’t know what it was.

I feel like all three dates last night were romantic and sweet and I think just what Emily needed to really see if she had a connection that could last a lifetime.

The Fantasy Suite

I loved how Emily stayed true herself and spent some alone time with the guys which is very much needed as next week one of them should be proposing, but opted out of staying overnight with them to stay true to herself and be mature for her daughter. I really love that about her and I loved how respectful all the guys were, Jef even turned her down!

I just can’t seem to figure out if Jef is too good to be true and I’ve had the same thought about Sean. Many might have been turned off by Arie’s past dating Bachelor producer Cassie Lambert, but I think it’s almost a good thing that there has been something somewhat negative with Arie, because it means more is out in the open.

Let’s face it… how real can you truly know someone after weeks of spending with them filming for a reality tv show? I feel like Jef is showing way too innocent and everyone is falling in love with him, but come on? NO ONE is 100% sweet and innocent.

Who Went Home?

I 100% thought Arie was going to be sent packing after watching all three dates. All along I’ve thought he would be the one standing in the end, but last night I really thought he was donzo. However, I will say I wasn’t shocked to see who went home after watching Emily react to their three videos right before the rose ceremony.

Sean, Arie, and Jef all sent a person video to Emily expressing their feelings and as described by Chris Harrison, “their last plea to her.” I remember seeing Emily’s reaction to Sean’s video and I thought there was a pretty good chance he wasn’t the one for her. I can’t help, but feel like she was second guessing her decision though. I wondered why Sean didn’t ask her what it was about him she didn’t see, but she saw in the other two, because I think everyone in America would pretty much agree her and Sean looked to be “the” couple who would be together at the end.

I’m anxious to see The Men Tell All next week and After the Final Rose to see if Emily gives any kind of explanation.

So there they stand, Arie and Jef at the end. I think she has two different guys on each end of the spectrum.. and they are both far, far away from each other. Two very different guys. The previews eluded to her not choosing anyone. In which case, I will not be surprised one bit. All season long I have been saying I really didn’t think any of these guys were her forever after and I still stand by that.

However, the tabloids are reporting Emily is happily engaged planning a wedding. Which is it? How do you think the ending will turn out?

Do you think she made the right choice in sending Sean home? What do you think she saw in the other two she didn’t see in Sean?

The Bachelorette {Episode 8} The Home Stretch

Last night we got to see Emily interact and meet with Chris, Arie, Jef, and Sean‘s family. We saw Emily get grilled by Arie’s mother who hardly spoke any English, laugh with Sean’s family, get to know where Jef came from, and get a beatdown by Chris’s sister.

Photo credit to

The episode began with Emily greeting Chris in Chicago. I’m sorry, but it was clear even before seeing any of the other families, Chris was going home. She just didn’t seem to have that connection with him even though he told her he loved her. As soon as Chris’s sister told her if there was any doubt he wasn’t going to make it until the end, to send him now before his heart gets broken anymore, it was obvious he was gone.

Arie’s family I think gave Emily the biggest run for her money. Of course the day began at the race track… where else would they be considering Emily’s past? She seemed right in her element in that car with Arie… then she met his mom.

It was obvious Emily was uncomfortable (maybe she should have brushed up on her Dutch before their date!) But, once Emily sat down with Arie’s mom, things seemed to fall into place.

I can honestly say I don’t even remember much from Jef’s hometown except for his brother telling him he’s never heard him say he wanted those things before (a family that is) and then his letter… which I have to say every woman in America was probably going awwwwww. That was so sweet and it was so obvious Jef was so sincere. I think I might have cried!.. Just a little!

Then Sean’s date had Emily laughing.. which to her admission is one of the most improtant traits in her husband to be. When he told her he still lived at home and took her up to that nasty dirty room filled with stuffed animals. All I kept thinking was “NO WAY!” I was a little nervous it was actually TRUE!

It seems as though Sean’s “thing” is to chase Emily down whenever he can. Although it was straight out of a romance novel, it was cute!.. Right!?

After last week’s episode, I was thinking no doubt is Emily choosing Arie. After tonight’s episode… I’m not so sure. It’s clear Emily is taking this all to hear based on her conversation with Chris at the end. I can’t imagine how difficult this decision must be. I wonder if she can sympathize with Brad now? I’m still holding out hope for a Brad and Emily reunion someday…

Who do YOU think will get the final rose?

The Bachelorette {Episode 7} What’s the Big Deal?

Last night’s episode could have been one of this season’s most talked about and drama filled episodes of the season. What’s that you hear? Drama on The Bachelorette? I think everyone would agree this season has been pretty mild compared to others and ABC totally played off the whole Arie and Cassie relationship as much as they could…. until they DIDN’T FILM the conversation that took place between Emily, Arie, and Cassie! REALLY ABC!? You didn’t feed off of this story as much as you could?!

So what’s the deal? Like I discussed yesterday, Chris Harrison ever so dramatically filled us viewers in last night. Arie and Cassie were in a relationship some 10+ years ago, nothing serious, Arie never even felt like he needed to mention it, because it was so long ago and never anything all that serious. Cassie ended up telling Emily once she saw they were getting close. Emily was mad… for like five seconds then realized she didn’t care and it didn’t matter.

I’ll admit…. I’m a little surprised Emily just didn’t care. Even I think that’s kind of a big deal, but hey after seeing Emily and Arie together on their date last night, it’s clear they are way past anything from 10 years ago. Clearly Emily and Arie have a strong connection. He told her he loved her, she gave him that “look” and I declared Emily and Arie are engaged (along with probably the entire Bachelor Nation who watched last night.)

But What About Jef?

I thought there was no way Emily was engaged to anyone else, then she had a 1 on 1 with Jef. Well HOLY COW! Jef just kind of came out of nowhere and stole our hearts last night. You think!? He has definitely been a top runner all season and I always thought he would be in the top three, but I never actually thought he would be a good pick for Emily. Not, because he’s not totally sweet, but I just never thought I saw the two of them together and the image of Emily and the image of Jef have never matched in my mind,…. until last night!

And can I just say, Jef knows how to move a puppet like it’s nobody’s business!? After that date, I think Sean has been bumped from one of my top two picks and Jef has secured his spot!

So Jef, Arie, and John aka Wolfie got the one on one dates. It was so clear from the very beginning of John’s date they clearly were not meant to be. Even the whole lock ordeal where he couldn’t get it to close. That told you right there he was going home, so why he was so completely shocked to be the one without a rose at the end was the actual shocking part!

Doug didn’t make it through the group date and I have to say… FINALLY! Doug was one of my favorites in the beginning, but I couldn’t have had it more wrong! Maybe I’ve let the tabloids cloud my judgment a little bit with his violent past reports, but he was so not for her. Not only was he dorky, he was just kind of a jerk too.

And Can I just say… when Emily was talking with him, CLEARLY about to send him home on the group date, when he kissed her… that was single handedly the MOST AWKWARD kiss in Bachelor history!!!! Anyone agree!? It was like he knew he was being sent home and he was just going in for the kill as one last attempt to hang on.

With John and Doug both sent home last night, that leaves Chris, Jef, Arie, and Sean on hometown dates. Let’s hope Emily fits well with Jef’s family, or he’ll dump her on the spot! Can you believe he admitted that!?

Chris clearly is there for Emily, but I just can’t stand the whiny side of him. Then again…. he is a baby, since he’s 25, right Doug!? I feel like every week there’s been some kind of “they’re being mean to me” or “I didn’t get to talk to Emily” and even though I’m a little annoyed to have to listen to that for another week, Chris has more of a connection with Emily than John did. In the end, that’s all that matters.

Next week it’s onto hometown dates! This season is totally flying by! Do you agree with who Emily sent home last night and who’s family do you anticipate she will click the most with!?



And if you live in the Charlotte area, I’m hosting this totally awesome Bachelorette: After the Final Rose Party with Painting With a Twist! We will be painting, enjoying some snacks and drinks, and having girl time! Some awesome local vendors who have been involved with the show will be featured with some giveaways, and 50% of proceeds from the evening will be donated to The Ricky Hendrick Center for Intensive Care at the Levine Children’s Hospital. Flyer will be posted soon, but check out more event details and find out how to register here :

The Bachelorette: {Arie’s Secret} What I’ve Heard

With tonight’s episode surrounding “Arie’s Secret,” everyone has been asking me about Arie and how he even got on the show. Is he there, because of Cassie Lambert or did he apply himself? Well, here’s what I know.

First, it’s being portrayed that Arie Luyendyk Jr and Cassie Lambert were a hot item. From what I’ve heard and read, this is so far from the truth. From what I understand, they casually dated years ago. Here’s the photo that’s been circulating of Cassie and Arie from back when they dated.

Photo credit to

Looks old, huh? I remember when I first saw this picture before the show even started, I wondered what the heck Emily Maynard was thinking with this guy! Well, we all know this is not even close to what he looks like these days…

How did Arie get on The Bachelorette? Was it because, of Cassie? Some places I’ve read would say yes. Some of the rumors swirling say that Cassie has just been waiting for the perfect Bachelorette to bring him in and she’s tried to get him on the show forever. Others say it was just a coincidence and Arie never actually even applied, but was called as a reference for someone who did.

The other story I heard says Arie was called by producers, because he was given as a reference for a friend who applied to be on the show. Arie made a joke at the end saying “if you guys need someone else, let me know” and there you go! He got on the show. Did Cassie have anything to do with it? I 100% bet in some way, shape, or form, Cassie Lambert had something to do with Arie being on the show.

Did Cassie have anything to do with keeping him around? I’m guessing not since Emily had no idea until we get to tonight’s episode. Rumor has it, Emily and Cassie are pretty close, so we shall see how Miss West Virginia Hoodrat comes out tonight!

Stay tuned…

The Bachelorette {Episode 6} Second Chances

I realize I’m a little late to the party this week. Normally, I tweet live every Monday night all of my first impressions and first thoughts of the show then get my recap up the next day. This week though, I was a little late to the show. I didn’t even watch until yesterday (thankful for DVR!) And successfully, got it through without reading about who was sent home!

I must say, I am quite proud of myself. I have managed to stay away from most of the internet rumors and articles published this season. I really didn’t want my opinions tainted. It’s been easier than I thought it would steering away from the Bachelorette gossip that always comes surrounded with the season.

Now… to the good stuff. I think Emily made some smart decisions in keeping some guys around and finally getting rid of others. Travis and Ryan got the one on one dates, but were left probably wishing they did not when they were both sent home… 6 weeks too late if you ask me.

I know, I know. Ryan was a favorite quickly at the beginning. I really thought his good looks and charm were perfect for Emily, but Emily quickly realized, she didn’t want to have to be the perfect trophy wife he wanted her to be. It was a smart decision to let her go. I do have to question the editing over the last few weeks though. All of a sudden after the first week or two, Ryan was just painted this stuck up villain so fast. I do think some of it was true, but I have to wonder how true he really was portrayed on the show.

I did sneak a little gossip and read somewhere one of Ryan’s really good friends says they did not portray him as he really is and they couldn’t have gotten him more wrong. Unfortunately, when you go a show like The Bachelorette, it doesn’t matter who you really are. ABC is going to make you out to whoever they want you to be. Sorry buddy, but Emily is better off without you.

Travis going home was no big deal and I honestly have to wonder why he stuck around for as long as he did. He did seem like a sweet guy, but the second some guy walked up to me cradling an egg named Shelly in his hands would be too many seconds of my life wasted on this guy. Sorry Travis, but it’s the truth. Next time… lose the egg.

And the group date… I’m sorry, but I don’t think there are any of those guys I would have liked to see in a skirt. Jef looked like he fit right in, Arie looked like a goofball, and Chris and Doug just plain looked sad. I was happy to see Emily give Chris the rose though. It was sweet he just jumped on every occasion and rose to the challenge… well, sort of. He rose to the challenge of making an effort and trying. He failed at following through with the task. It was sweet though and Emily was impressed by his desire to try. I guess it proves you don’t have to be some macho perfect guy *ahem, Ryan* to win her heart.

Here’s a picture from Emily’s group date… think she’s aiming for Brad’s face?

Photo credit to

I’ll be honest… I didn’t pay all that much attention to the cocktail party banter or the back and forth between her and Arie. Those scenes are never as exciting unless it’s a Bachelor episode and filled with crazy drunk girls complaining back and forth.

I am however, excited to see the outcome of Emily finding our Arie and Cassie Lambert were in a relationship. I think Emily has really shown a fiery side this season and I hope that really comes out next week! Think the “West Virginia hoodrats backwoods” Emily is coming back to bite this news in the butt!? We shall see!….

So Episode 6… Who Went Home?

Travis and Ryan were sent packing on failed one on one dates and Emily gave out an extra rose during the rose ceremony to keep the rest of the guys around for another week.

I do have to backtrack a little bit and say too, I actually started to grow a little fond of John this episode. It was nice to see him open up with Emily about his grandparents and see that side of him. I don’t think it will get him to the end, but it was still refreshing to see a guy open up so sincerely like that.

Well folks… two more down…. four more to go! I’m still guessing Jef, Arie, and Sean at the end. I think up until recently though I thought Arie would go home with the final rose. Now, I’m thinking more like Sean.

Has your opinion changed on who the final three and the final guy standing will be as these last few weeks have progressed?


PS – Stay tuned for Bachelor Pad! Filming is in progress now and I knew weeks ago, Blakeley Shea from Ben’s season of The Bachelor is on! She waxes my eyebrows here in Charlotte and left for filming a few weeks ago! This could be interesting!!