About Kelley

I am a yankee at heart living in the Carolinas, born and raised in New England, but have been living in the suburbs of Charlotte, NC for the past 6 years.

A stay at home mom of two cuties, I started blogging as a way to keep family in the loop of my kids. Since my childhood dream of walking the red carpet and practicing my Oscar winning speech (no really… I used to dress up during award shows and pretend I was among the stars walking the red carpet when I was a kid), I’m always wanting to stay on top of what’s what in Hollywood. Deeming myself “the red carpet mom,” I’ve been blogging a lot more about the entertainment industry and celeb parents.

Forever’s Like a Dream is in in the processes of changes (aka : I’m getting a makeover!), but for now you’ll be able to stay up on celeb news, my thoughts on some of the hot tv shows, and still get my opinions and reviews on THE products for mom & baby.

You may have caught me on The Bachelorette, America Now with Bill Rancic, in People Magazine with Josh Duhamel, or among various celeb profiles in the Twitterverse. You may have read my recaps on previous Bachelor/Bachelorette/ Bachelor Pad seasons too ;) I don’t have the spoilers like Reality Steve, but I have some fun tweeting and recapping what I think of the shows… and some of the crazies on it!

Justin Timberlake is quite possibly the most gorgeous man to step on this planet in my eyes.. with Ian Somerhalder a close second and I have recently rekindled my romance with Scott Foley watching him on Scandal. (My poor husband!!) Oh and me and Josh Duhamel are kind of BFF’s… I may be planning an arranged marriage between Lavery and Axl Duhamel!

You can connect with Forever’s Like a Dream on Facebook and join me on Twitter, too @kelchristina – I’m known for live tweeting during some of my favorite tv shows each week and so much more!

Oh! And if you want to follow one proud mommy & check out my littles & some other things I love, follow me on Instagram & Pinterest too! (I promise, it’s all fun and a little bit of my cuties!)

Enjoy & thanks for reading!… Oh and save this signature – it just MIGHT be worth something someday! ;)

8 Responses to About Kelley

  1. How do you find the time to do it all? You truly are a superwoman, Kelley!!

  2. Thanks Anita! I like to keep busy, that’s for sure!!

  3. Cute blog! I’m a Sigma Kappa too (UF)!

    Jenjacobs on CM.

  4. Ah Another Sigma Kappa! Thanks for stopping by and saying hi! :)

  5. Hi Kelley!
    I came across your blog when I googled intelligender…. I read your review and then had to do a little research to see if it was right! And then reading on I kept falling in love with your blog! You tell it how it is! My daughter is the same age as your son and I’m pregnant now so some of the things I read made me laugh bc I can relate! Your children are beautiful and even a year later it still counts… Congrats on your daughter :)

    • Hi Kim!

      I’m so happy you found me and even better, commented to let me know! Congratulations on your new expected bundle! I remember what it was like being pregnant a second time… it’s hard to juggle both a toddler and grow a baby, but it’s still such an exciting time!

      Congrats again and so happy you found me! Hope you stop by again! ;)

  6. Hey crazy girl was reading through your blog love it. I always loved your righting, but I told you mommy is what you would do best. Love and miss you!!

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