Discovery Place Brings the Rainforest to Charlotte, NC

Last week, I had the opportunity to check out Discovery Place and their new rainforest exhibit with the Charlotte Media Collaboration. I’ve taken LC to Discovery Place before, but he was younger, so didn’t full appreciate everything it had to offer. I was excited to take him back and experience this really awesome exhibit.

Let me start by saying, Discovery Place is such an awesome facility. Taking a three year old as opposed to a one year old like last time was a whole new experience. Seeing his face light up when we walked into the building was cool and seeing how excited he was to check everything out was so awesome to see.

As we were escorted into the “rainforest,” just seeing the set up was awesome. You really felt like you were in a whole new place; not in a museum right here in Charlotte where we live. The temperature was warmer, the sounds were serene, and the backdrop was all too real.

The kids got to ask questions, check out animals (real life animals!) who lived in the rainforest, and even had the chance to pet a few at the end too. It is such a fun educational experience, because kids are learning, but getting this really great and different experience at the same time.

Overall, I think all of the kids (in a very big range of age groups) really loved the show. The younger kids loved getting to touch the animals and see what the rainforest had to offer while the older kids were really involved in asking questions and learning about the animals. The show is definitely great for all age groups and the kids really loved it.

If you have little ones and are looking for something to do (especially something educational to encourage your children now that school has started back up again,) Discovery Place is a great spot for all ages to learn AND have fun!

You can live in Charlotte, but get a real taste for the rainforest too! 

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  1. Kelley – it was so great to see you! Thanks for hanging out with us for a while. I love the photos!

    Manager, Marketing & PR, Discovery Place

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