The Bachelorette {The Men Tell All} Maybe They’re Not So Bad?

The Men Tell All last night was way less than I expected it to be. I expected cat fights, tears, and drama.. lots and lots of drama. Oh wait…. we were watching The MEN Tell All, not The Women Tell All.

I think the most interesting and fun part to watch last night was Kalon’s crummy apology right AFTER he said he wasn’t sorry for anything he said and he didn’t regret any of it. Really Kalon!? However, did we really expect anything more? Emily even called him out and told him it was a “LOAD of bull****!” Go Emily! She referenced to his “baggage claim” tweet a few weeks back. Funny how when I go back to look, it’s no longer there?

Kalon posted a tweet recently with a picture of baggage claim and wrote something along the lines of him not finding Emily there.


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Now, I’m sure I’m going to really get it for this, but does anything else think it may be the slightest bit possible Kalon was egged on to be this way? I mean, I definetely think he’s conceited and has a big head, but I can’t help, but think that some of what was shown was set up to be seen that way. And I really do think some of this stuff is his lousy sense of humor. I’m just saying, Kalon isn’t the most sincere to go on The Bachelorette, but I don’t think he’s as bad as he was portrayed.

Same with Ryan. I’m sure I’ll get ripped for this one too, but I think he was just edited to be the way he was portrayed a lot too. Yes, he called her a “Trophy Wife” and he made the comment he did about if she gets fat, he would still love her, but wouldn’t love on her as much. But, come on people! I can see that was a joke, can’t you? I mean I think he just had a more laid back approach. Like Kalon, yes, he has a big head, but I really think editing and the Bachelorette producers have a lot to thank for how Ryan looked on TV.

I mean, think about everything we don’t see. Emily kept him around for weeks. We were obviously not seeing some of what was going on there and it wasn’t all bad, clearly.

Overall, ┬áthink The Men Tell All showed me my speculation about Ryan and suspicion about Kalon were true. I don’t think either one of them were right for Emily, but I really think some of that was taken in the wrong way and edited to portray them as the villain. You need a “Rated-R” in every season right?

I don’t think Kalon meant his apology and I do think from the beginning he wasn’t in it for the right reasons, but I also don’t think we got to see all of him on this show.

So what do you think? Am I crazy or do you agree? Who do you think is going to take home the final rose in Sunday night’s finale?

Oh and Bachelor Pad 3…. I’m waiting for you! ;)

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  1. Something between Emily and Sean seemed weird… how Emily had commented something like how they hadn’t seen each other in awhile. I felt like there was still something there.

    I do believe that every season, whichever guy (or girl) is the one they’re targeting to be the dramatic one is going to be over-dramatized a bit. Ryan probably wasn’t as bad as they made him out to be, but I think Kalon is a total jerk. He’s almost reminded me of Wes (who I do think redeemed himself on Bachelor Pad).

    I’m just getting anxious to see what the fuss is about for the finale… with the live AFTR right after the finale airs on Sunday. I’ve done some snooping online but really feel like there’s going to be something huge and don’t know what to think. But I can’t wait!! :) Oh, and I’m very excited for Bachelor Pad. Can’t wait to see Reid (who I loved) and Ed (who I didn’t really care for) go at it over Jillian. :)

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