The Bachelorette {Episode 9} Falling In Love

Last night’s episode was almost devastating to watch. To see the heartbreak Emily felt sending one of those guys home and making sure she is doing the right was so sad. I seriously felt for her and I’m sure it’s so much more difficult for her, because she knows what it’s like to be one of those three guys. She knows what feelings they have and the heartbreak they must be feeling to find out so far into the game after sharing so many special moments with her how they all feel.

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For the first time last night, I can honestly say I’m not so sure Arie is going to win. They do have something physical, but for the first time last night I really didn’t see as much of a connection. I don’t know what it was.

I feel like all three dates last night were romantic and sweet and I think just what Emily needed to really see if she had a connection that could last a lifetime.

The Fantasy Suite

I loved how Emily stayed true herself and spent some alone time with the guys which is very much needed as next week one of them should be proposing, but opted out of staying overnight with them to stay true to herself and be mature for her daughter. I really love that about her and I loved how respectful all the guys were, Jef even turned her down!

I just can’t seem to figure out if Jef is too good to be true and I’ve had the same thought about Sean. Many might have been turned off by Arie’s past dating Bachelor producer Cassie Lambert, but I think it’s almost a good thing that there has been something somewhat negative with Arie, because it means more is out in the open.

Let’s face it… how real can you truly know someone after weeks of spending with them filming for a reality tv show? I feel like Jef is showing way too innocent and everyone is falling in love with him, but come on? NO ONE is 100% sweet and innocent.

Who Went Home?

I 100% thought Arie was going to be sent packing after watching all three dates. All along I’ve thought he would be the one standing in the end, but last night I really thought he was donzo. However, I will say I wasn’t shocked to see who went home after watching Emily react to their three videos right before the rose ceremony.

Sean, Arie, and Jef all sent a person video to Emily expressing their feelings and as described by Chris Harrison, “their last plea to her.” I remember seeing Emily’s reaction to Sean’s video and I thought there was a pretty good chance he wasn’t the one for her. I can’t help, but feel like she was second guessing her decision though. I wondered why Sean didn’t ask her what it was about him she didn’t see, but she saw in the other two, because I think everyone in America would pretty much agree her and Sean looked to be “the” couple who would be together at the end.

I’m anxious to see The Men Tell All next week and After the Final Rose to see if Emily gives any kind of explanation.

So there they stand, Arie and Jef at the end. I think she has two different guys on each end of the spectrum.. and they are both far, far away from each other. Two very different guys. The previews eluded to her not choosing anyone. In which case, I will not be surprised one bit. All season long I have been saying I really didn’t think any of these guys were her forever after and I still stand by that.

However, the tabloids are reporting Emily is happily engaged planning a wedding. Which is it? How do you think the ending will turn out?

Do you think she made the right choice in sending Sean home? What do you think she saw in the other two she didn’t see in Sean?

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