The Bachelorette {Episode 8} The Home Stretch

Last night we got to see Emily interact and meet with Chris, Arie, Jef, and Sean‘s family. We saw Emily get grilled by Arie’s mother who hardly spoke any English, laugh with Sean’s family, get to know where Jef came from, and get a beatdown by Chris’s sister.

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The episode began with Emily greeting Chris in Chicago. I’m sorry, but it was clear even before seeing any of the other families, Chris was going home. She just didn’t seem to have that connection with him even though he told her he loved her. As soon as Chris’s sister told her if there was any doubt he wasn’t going to make it until the end, to send him now before his heart gets broken anymore, it was obvious he was gone.

Arie’s family I think gave Emily the biggest run for her money. Of course the day began at the race track… where else would they be considering Emily’s past? She seemed right in her element in that car with Arie… then she met his mom.

It was obvious Emily was uncomfortable (maybe she should have brushed up on her Dutch before their date!) But, once Emily sat down with Arie’s mom, things seemed to fall into place.

I can honestly say I don’t even remember much from Jef’s hometown except for his brother telling him he’s never heard him say he wanted those things before (a family that is) and then his letter… which I have to say every woman in America was probably going awwwwww. That was so sweet and it was so obvious Jef was so sincere. I think I might have cried!.. Just a little!

Then Sean’s date had Emily laughing.. which to her admission is one of the most improtant traits in her husband to be. When he told her he still lived at home and took her up to that nasty dirty room filled with stuffed animals. All I kept thinking was “NO WAY!” I was a little nervous it was actually TRUE!

It seems as though Sean’s “thing” is to chase Emily down whenever he can. Although it was straight out of a romance novel, it was cute!.. Right!?

After last week’s episode, I was thinking no doubt is Emily choosing Arie. After tonight’s episode… I’m not so sure. It’s clear Emily is taking this all to hear based on her conversation with Chris at the end. I can’t imagine how difficult this decision must be. I wonder if she can sympathize with Brad now? I’m still holding out hope for a Brad and Emily reunion someday…

Who do YOU think will get the final rose?

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