Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes Divorcing

Big news hit Hollywood today when Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes announced they would be divorcing after almost six years of marriage. I know I’m not the first person to relay this news (and will certainly not be the last,) but I still wanted to write about my thoughts. As a mom and celebrity lover, I wanted to talk a little bit about why I was not so surprised by this news (even though admittedly at first I wasn’t sure I read the headline right.)

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This came as a shocker to many, even myself, but now that I’m thinking about it; I have to ask myself why? Rumors were swirling even from when they first started dating, got married, and Katie gave birth to Suri he was holding her captive and forcing her to practice a religion that she never believed in and so much more.

Tom’s controlling ways were always a hot topic and questions about whether or not he was actual sane after many crazy antics including when he jumped on Oprah’s couch. So why is everyone so shocked?

Because, in Hollywood, six years is a lot of time to be married and they have a daughter together. So, what will this mean for Suri? Hopefully Tom and Katie can work with a joint relationship for Suri’s sake like Tom and Nicole do for their two kids.

I’m curious to hear your reactions, because from what I’m reading, nobody was expecting this, but if you really think about it… why not!? Sure, it’s totally sad and never a good thing and it is a little shocking when you hear of such big names with very public affairs calling it quits, but isn’t the Hollywood divorce announcement somewhat expected to be heard from every Hollywood couple these days?

2 Responses to Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes Divorcing

  1. Totally agree! I was shocked at first but then remembered all the rumors of control. Good for you, Katie ;-)

  2. We must be reading different things, because everyone I talk to isn’t surprised.

    Nor am I. I totally expected it and SHOUTED *FINALLY* when I read it. :)

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