The Bachelorette {Episode 5} West Virginia Hoodrat

Well I feel like this episode was really played up to be full of drama, and although there wasn’t a whole ton of drama, we finally DID get to find out who Emily tells to “Get the F*&%^ OUT!” For weeks, ABC has been airing the previews and speculation has been swirling. My #1 guess was Kalon. On the other hand, the way they have been portraying Ryan for the last few weeks, I thought there was an off chance it was him. Who was it? Kalon was spot on! No big surprise there.

Photo Credit of ABC

The Dates

Jef and Emily had a 1 on 1 in the romantic London. How awkward do Emily and Jef look together? I mean, seriously? I do think Jef will make it to the top 3, but they are so awkward. Jef is so skinny and skateboarder while Emily is dainty and beautiful. I joked last week that Jef could share pants with Ricki, and after seeing his date ensemble, I think that point is still fair made!

I think my favorite part about this date was Millsy (one of the producer’s” tweets, “Emily is about to go all Christian Grey on his a$$!” HA! Their date was in this old prison in London, so I felt that comment was quite fitting!

The group date I have to say was quite boring, however Arie stole the spotlight! I think he made it fun and his rendition of being a woman was hilarious! I think Emily was very into the fact that he was willing to dress up and look silly and have fun. After all.. step dad to a little girl has to have some kind of imagination, right?

I think Emily and Sean look like they’re made for each other. How adorable was it watching Sean take pictures of them throughout London? Sean has been my husband’s favorite from the beginning, and I’m starting to really like him as well and quickly learning the top pick’s of the nation seem to be pretty well agreed upon.. Jef, Sean, and Arie.

My Thoughts on Who’s Left

I still ¬†really think ABC missed the mark on casting this season and Emily is not going to fall in love with her happily ever after. However, Sean has really grown on me. I think he is the smartest choice at this point. I still am unsure of Arie and although I think Jef will make it to close to the end, I think he is not a good fit for Emily. I just think they don’t even look like they match, and as much as people try to say you don’t need to.. yes people, yes you do.

Doug and Chris I think are way too focused on other things, they care more about arguing it seems and I don’t think either one of them will be sticking around much longer. Travis still even being there is shocking after his whole egg stunt. Seriously…. you’re always going to be known as the guy with the egg. Is that what you were going for dude!? And ¬†even though I think Ryan’s image could have a lot to do with editing, he’s really turned into a shallow douchebag. Hey, every season’s gotta have one right? Sorry Ryan, but this season.. it’s you! I guess it’s a good thing you DID have Kalon to complete with, because he at least made you look not as bad.

Who Went Home?

I am so happy to finally say these two names.. KALON & ALEJANDRO! Adios fellas! I mean, I get maybe ABC wants to have variety (or felt like they had to, because of their lawsuit *cough cough*) BUT it was clear Alejandro isn’t even close to Emily’s type, so why waste his time?

My favorite quote of the night? And I believe almost every Emily fan in America? “I want to go all West Virginia hoodrat backwoods on his ass!” GO EMILY, GO!

I would say episode 5 marked the beginning processes of taking out the trash… would you agree?

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