The Bachelorette: {Arie’s Secret} What I’ve Heard

With tonight’s episode surrounding “Arie’s Secret,” everyone has been asking me about Arie and how he even got on the show. Is he there, because of Cassie Lambert or did he apply himself? Well, here’s what I know.

First, it’s being portrayed that Arie Luyendyk Jr and Cassie Lambert were a hot item. From what I’ve heard and read, this is so far from the truth. From what I understand, they casually dated years ago. Here’s the photo that’s been circulating of Cassie and Arie from back when they dated.

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Looks old, huh? I remember when I first saw this picture before the show even started, I wondered what the heck Emily Maynard was thinking with this guy! Well, we all know this is not even close to what he looks like these days…

How did Arie get on The Bachelorette? Was it because, of Cassie? Some places I’ve read would say yes. Some of the rumors swirling say that Cassie has just been waiting for the perfect Bachelorette to bring him in and she’s tried to get him on the show forever. Others say it was just a coincidence and Arie never actually even applied, but was called as a reference for someone who did.

The other story I heard says Arie was called by producers, because he was given as a reference for a friend who applied to be on the show. Arie made a joke at the end saying “if you guys need someone else, let me know” and there you go! He got on the show. Did Cassie have anything to do with it? I 100% bet in some way, shape, or form, Cassie Lambert had something to do with Arie being on the show.

Did Cassie have anything to do with keeping him around? I’m guessing not since Emily had no idea until we get to tonight’s episode. Rumor has it, Emily and Cassie are pretty close, so we shall see how Miss West Virginia Hoodrat comes out tonight!

Stay tuned…

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