The Bachelorette {Episode 2} Emily’s Going to Have to Kiss A LOT of Frogs

Last night’s episode was probably one of the one’s I was looking forward to the most. Why? Because, I was there! It was so fun to see so much of Charlotte and even see ME popping up in the audience on the group date! That’s right, I was on The Bachelorette!

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Last night’s episode featured The Muppets¬†themselves and full of corny tag lines (Emily tried to kiss Kermit the Frog in order to find her Prince) and even cornier poems written just for Emily (Roses are red, violets are blue, Emily I want to get to know you.)

I could not WAIT to see the date all put together. I remember sitting in the audience seeing Charlie, Jef, Stevie, Aaron, Alejandro, Nate, Alessandro, Tony, John, Kyle, Chris, Kalon, and Michael, and seriously feeling like this group of guys wasn’t even that into Emily. I tried putting in the back of my mind not to judge too much, because they were probably pretty nervous, but I have to say…. now watching the show, I think my first impressions may have been a little spot on.

Here I am below sitting in the audience on last night’s show. Sorry for the crummy picture, I took a screen shot on my phone, but Ricki even made an appearance and everyone got to see firsthand how much love Emily has for this sweet little lady.

I know I remember thinking Charlie was my favorite and I remember whispering to my girlfriend about how incredibly nervous he looked. Seeing him last night and talking about his disability and not being comfortable around people I thought was so genuine and sweet. Usually when the girls cry about not wanting to go on stage, I roll my eyes, but something about Charlie (and remembering how sincere he seemed that day) made me smile.

The night before, Ryan had the hot one on one date in uptown Charlotte. I have to say, this guy was a TROOPER to put up with that crowd! No one wants to have to go through all that paparazzi and crowds of fans on a first date, and he went through it and came out looking like a real gem. I remembered seeing pictures when everyone was going crazy right after the filming and thinking they looked like a picture perfect couple, and last night was again proved that point.

Joe didn’t make it through his one on one at the Greenbriar in West Virginia, and I wasn’t surprised at all to see him go. All night I was tweeting about how he just didn’t have the “look” to be Emily’s guy. I know that sounds awful, but it’s true and they had 0 chemistry on that date. I wasn’t sad or shocked to see him go, and I was surprised to see the guy’s so surprised to see his bags head out the door. I do think that was the reality check they all needed. Emily isn’t there to play house boys, so stop wasting your time messing around with each other and get moving on spending time with Emily and the reason you should all be there.

I do really think it’s ridiculous all the guys get mad when Ryan goes up and spends time with her during the cocktail party even though he has a rose. STOP SLACKING OFF AND GO TALK TO HER YOURSELF! However, Tony did look pretty pathetic standing there while Emily read Ryan’s letter.

Oh wait… Ryan’s letter. I love Ryan and he may be one of my top picks for Emily, but making her read that letter and waste so much time during the cocktail party lost some points. Pick a better time man!

The Bachelorette and You Guessed It!… Drama!

I’ll be honest and say I normally fast forward through all the mushy parts and most of the dates (unless it’s with someone I totally love) and just watch the parts during the down time and cocktail parties when people get in fights or infamous speeches like Dave Good’s “Man Code” speech or Courtney’s nonsense jibber jabbing about “winning” appears on screen.

Last night’s episode still wasn’t jam packed full, but I really enjoyed Doug‘s speech to Kalon about not knowing what it’s like to live for your kids and make decisions with them first. Although in all seriousness, some of its validity was taken away when he finished every sentence with the words, “check it.” Let’s hope his son doesn’t take lessons on public speaking from his dad.

All in all, I think last night’s episode proved Emily means business and these guys better get their acts together if they want a chance to be Emily’s prince. After seeing two whole episodes of this bunch, I think she’s going to have to kiss a lot of frogs before she finds her Prince Charming.

Let’s Get to the Good Stuff… Who Went Home?

Joe obviously didn’t make it through his date. Jef got the rose on their group date, so he was safe going into the rose ceremony, but who did Emily send packing?

Aaron and Kyle were left without a rose and sent home. I joked that Emily was nice and sent the twins home together. Have you SEEN Aaron and Kyle!? They could be brothers… seriously!

Kyle wasn’t happy, because he “came out and put his life on hold to find love” and went on with the whole speech which in the end, STILL left him heading home. Didn’t everyone put their lives on hold to come on the show and meet Emily? Nice try, bud!

Who’s my favorite?

Even with the whole 7 page letter move, I still like Ryan and he’s still my top pick for Emily, but I still really like Charlie and Doug and seeing Arie and Emily interact put him on my list too. However, it’s still early in the game, and the way he interacted with her seemed too perfect. Only time will tell!

3 more frogs down…. lots more to go! Until next week!

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