Happy Bachelorette Premiere Day!

Today is the day! The day that I have been waiting for (and the millions of adoring fans who make up the “Bachelor Nation” have been awaiting for months!) Emily Maynard’s debut as “The Bachelorette” airs this evening on ABC, but why am I so excited?

Photo credit of ABC

For starters, Emily is a mom. She is someone I can 100% relate to in the sense that she is a mother. The other really cool, super, awesome part? She’s from Charlotte and parts of this season were filmed right here! That’s right, I even witnessed a group date myself! ;)

As a mom and blogging about my journey (and being a major Bachelor fan) I thought it would be fun to blog about my thoughts throughout the season. I’ll admit, I’m a Reality Steve junkie, but I haven’t read at all this season so I can give my honest opinions and thoughts without being clouded with who actually wins or who’s in the final three. What you’re going to get is an opinion from a mom’s point of view on the guys interacting with Emily and who seems to be the best fit for her as a mom, not her as a gorgeous blonde looking for love.

So as we approach the big season premier, follow me on Twitter for LIVE updates this evening and wait for a blog post and recap of Episode one either later this evening or first thing in the morning!

WooHoo! Let’s watch Emily fall in love!

Are you as excited about Emily being The Bachelorette this season as I am? Leave me a comment here and tell me why you’re either excited or not so much to watch!?

2 Responses to Happy Bachelorette Premiere Day!

  1. you saw a group date! will i see you in the background? i’ll have to watch for you!

  2. I did! I was in the audience for the group date when they perform with Kermit the Frog. I think it’s episode 3, but I have to double check. I was sitting right in front of Ricki, so hopefully you will see me!!

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