Life as a mommy of two… WHAT!?

WHAT!?… That is what has been going through my mind the last few days. WHAT WAS I THINKING!? We were just starting to have it good. LC is communicating, he is more independent, I could relax in the mornings on the couch and snuggle with him while we watched a movie. What was I thinking wanting these late night feedings, early mornings, and exhausting days?

But then I look at Lavery’s beautiful face and gorgeous eyes… and compare her to my baby pictures and realize this is what life is all about. This is what I live for. My babies. My newborn baby and my big baby. I am so blessed and thankful and even on days like today…. days where I just need some quiet time by myself at the end of a disaster of a day… I’m still thankful and love every moment of watching them grow and being around for every part of it.

Days like today where LC is whiny, Lavery is whiny, LC wakes his sissy up, and the list goes on… days like this, I just need to sit down and remind myself… this too shall pass.

I have many updates I need to give. Lavery is almost 4 weeks old… REALLY!? Where has the time gone!? It happens WAY TOO FAST. I have also pulled out a few of my baby photos. All of this talk about her being my mini me (which I couldn’t be more thrilled about by the way!) But all this talk made me want to take a look at me when I was a baby. Can I just say…. HOLY COW! We are TWINS! I have got to scan those photos and show you to compare!

Lavery also had some FABULOUS newborn photos done I cannot wait to show you! I am just loving having a daughter to dress up in ruffles and bows and pink and flowers and… AHHH! LOVE IT!

LC has started talking… A LOT. He’s been talking for a while, but this is one trait I wish he would not have gotten from his mama!

And oh ya… look at how absolutely adorable this is!? This is my life… you jealous? I know we all “ooh and ahh” over our kids, but this photo is a glimpse into the love of my life and my days as a mommy of two (forget about the fact that I might have lost my sanity for a bit today or I probably walked around with spit up on my shirt for an hour….) THIS is what it’s all about!

2 Responses to Life as a mommy of two… WHAT!?

  1. I love, love, love your reflections and that you ARE cherishing every precious moment! ~Love you~

  2. Even days when your son may be whiny, he might do something great and buy his baby sissy a nice present that he picked out all by himself. You are a great mother, the best any two kids good ask for!

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