Snowcones, The Bruins, & S’Mores

Snowcones, The Bruins, & S’Mores.. life of a nine month pregnant woman! If you have read my previous post, you know the crazy emotions going through my head lately, so I thought a light, funny post was in order!

This pregnancy hasn’t been filled with (as many) cravings as my first pregnancy was, but my cravings are TOTALLY different than they were with LC! My stomach was so picky with him and there were really only a few things I ever ate (hello french fries & cupcakes!) Really!?

This time, my stomach has still been somewhat picky (but I’m a picky eater even when NOT pregnant, so that’s not too out of the normal.) But, I have also wanted strange things….. like snowcones! I found a recipe online to make my own snowcone syrup, so I think that might be something LC and I will do today. I’ve been eating cherry flavor, but I am wanting lime in a big way! I even started making them in LC’s little toddler bowls to get myself more snowcone instead of using those dinky snowcone cups I thought I had to have!…. Check out my masterpiece here! YUM!


So last night… I sat eating my snowcone, turned on the Stanley Cup…. and watched The Bruins WIN! Seriously!? I forgot how much I loved hockey. I’ve been forcing myself to not get too excited this season, because if you know me… you know I can be an angry hockey watcher and I never thought… in a million years…. we would WIN! (I know, call me a crappy fan!)

Then… after I realized the win was in the bag… I made a S’Mores pizza. Yes, a S’Mores pizza. I don’t have a picture of that, but I decided after all the snowcones I’ve ate in a few days, I wanted chocolate and being the pregnant person that I am, letting Facebook statuses influence me… I saw a status update about S’Mores and VOILA!

So that sums up my pregnant evening of snowcones, The Bruins, and S’Mores….. a day in the life of growing a baby! You jealous!?

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